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Best VPNs for Pornhub: How to Watch Pornhub in the US(or Anywhere)?

Jul 05, 2024   |   9 mins
Best VPNs for Pornhub: How to Watch Pornhub in the US(or Anywhere)?

Pornhub has blocked the access of 8 US states now, and also been banned in regions such as India, South Korea, Russia, and the Middle East now. But luckily, you can use a Pornhub VPN to hide your real location and bypass the porn ban to watch Pornhub worldwide easily.

Read the full blog for useful tips about how to watch Pornhub in the US or anywhere and 3 top Pornhub VPNs recommendations.

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Quick Solve: How to Watch Pornhub Using a VPN?

Step 1. Hit the button below to download X-VPN.

Step 2. Open it and connect to a server in Netherlands or a region that allows Pornhub access.

Step 3. Access Pornhub and enjoy watching.

try xvpn

Pornhub Banned in the US

Pornhub banned users from Texas on the 14th of March, 2024. Users accessing the site with a Texas-based IP address will only see the notice shown below.

pornhub banned users from texas

But this isn't the first time Pornhub has taken geo-restrictions in the US. Before Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Utah, and Virginia were already blocked by Pornhub.

us state where pornhub is banned

US State Where Pornhub Is Banned

In contrast to being blocked for regulating porn laws in some countries, such as India, Russia, etc, Pornhub took the initiative to enforce access restrictions to the 8 states above this time.

The Pornhub ban is commonly considered as a response to the New Age Verification Law. So what exactly does this law entail?

What Is New Age Verification Law?

According to the Texas 1181 Bill, which shows clear legal requirements, the New Age Verification Law aims to prevent minors from accessing adult content by requiring websites with over one-third of harmful content to verify users' ages.

Websites are required to implement digital identification methods, either through government-issued IDs or commercially reasonable methods using transactional data.

Why Is Pornhub Banned in Some US States?

Pornhub, (and most adult entertainment industries), believes that this new Bill wants to take the most restrictive means to protect minors, and its verification method essentially violates the privacy rights of all users. Therefore, Pornhub has chosen to fight the Bill by banning regional access until a truly effective solution can be found.

However, despite continued appeals by dissenting organizations, the number of states choosing to enact this type of statute continues to grow. Currently, the following states have implemented the Age Verification Law.

LouisianaMississippiMontanaNorth Carolina

Based on current developments, Texas will never be the last state to be banned from Pornhub. On the very day this blog was published, Pornhub claimed they would ban access to Indiana on June 17th, as it supports the Age Verification Law.

pornhub will ban indiana on june 17

Why Do You Need a Pornhub VPN?

A VPN is your best partner for accessing Pornhub. Pornhub blocks users from restricted states by identifying their IP addresses. However, VPNs can route your traffic through servers in other regions, disguising your identity and allowing you to bypass the porn ban to view all of Pornhub's content.

Also, a strong VPN can do even more, such as preventing data leaks, unblocking streaming, keeping surfing anonymous, and lowering pings.

Choosing a useful provider is not easy, but no worries, we bring you the VPN recommendation below.

We’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed the top 3 VPNs Watch Pornhub, assessing their unblocking ability and functionality.

Get information through the comparison table first, and read the full reviews below.

ProviderKey FeatureServersRate
X-VPNTop VPN to bypass porn ban worldwide.8000+❤❤❤❤❤
NordVPNFamous VPN with high-level speed.6000+❤❤❤❤
ExpressVPNThe most secure VPN for watching Pornhub.3000+❤❤❤❤


X-VPN is our top recommendation to watch Pornhub worldwide. With over 8,000 servers in 225 locations worldwide, X-VPN can bypass geographic restrictions using its unique Everest protocol, like a walk in the park. Its standout performance also ensures smooth streaming of Pornhub, even in 1080P/4K quality, with a speed loss of no more than 15%.

This provider excels in security, employing advanced encryption and a strict no-logs policy to protect user privacy and prevent third-party or other unsecured adult sites from threatening user data.

The free version of X-VPN is also a major highlight. It can be used without credit card info or login, which is very rare in the VPN industry. Though it has some limitations in advanced security features, it's still accessible for users wanting to try the service.

Overall, X-VPN's powerful unblocking capabilities, excellent streaming performance, strong security, and flexible free option make it the top VPN for Pornhub.

💡If you’re interested in more free VPNs for PC, check out this blog!


🌟Pros and Cons

✔︎ ProsCons ✖︎
Free Version OfferedNo AD/Malware Blockers Yet
Standout Unblock Ability
Top VPN for Streaming with Fast Speed
Robust Security Protection

💰Pricing Plans

・Free Version.

・Monthly: $11.99

・Half-year plan: $9.99/mon

・One-year plan: $5.99/mon

You can get a VPN download for its free version, or just hit the button below to learn more about its premium plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and try all advanced features.

know more about xvpn premium plan


NordVPN is also an outstanding choice for accessing Pornhub. The provider has 6000+ servers in 111 countries, allowing users to easily switch servers between US states. Its core protocol, NordLynx, is built on WireGuard and offers amazing speeds while safeguarding users' privacy. Users can comfortably access Porhub and smoothly browse, watch, and even download streaming content.

In addition, with NordVPN you can also enjoy advanced security benefits such as built-in ad-blocking and anti-virus protection to shield personal data from criminal theft.

Its full service even offers additional features such as cloud storage, password manager, etc., but this comes with a hefty price tag. NordVPN does not offer a free version or VPN free trial, and the occasionally unstable connection is also a factor that users need to consider before choosing it.


🌟Pros and Cons

✔︎ ProsCons ✖︎
One of The Fastest VPNs AvailableNo Free Version and VPN Free Trial
Offers a Built-in Security SuiteOccasionally Unstable Connection
10 Simultaneous ConnectionsExpensive price
Supports Unique Services

💰Pricing Plans

For its most popular Plus Plan:

・Monthly: $13.99

・One-year plan: $9.99/mon

・Two-year plan: $4.39/mon


ExpressVPN, known for its reliability, speed, and functionality, is our final recommendation.

With 3,000 servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN isn't as numerous as X-VPN or NordVPN, but it has built a large regional network with 24 servers in the US, making it ideal for Texas users to successfully break free from the Porn ban. Also, thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol, ExpressVPN ensures impressive speeds for smooth Pornhub HD streaming.

What sets ExpressVPN apart is its superior security. It offers advanced features like Kill Switch, Obfuscation, and Split Tunneling to fully protect your data. If you're concerned about privacy while enjoying adult content, ExpressVPN is a good choice.

But like NordVPN, ExpressVPN lacks a free plan and comes with a high price. You can only try its features through a 7-day free trial or a 30-day refund policy.


🌟Pros and Cons

✔︎ ProsCons ✖︎
Rich Advanced Security FeaturesNo Free Version
Fast Streaming SpeedNot Friendly to Windows Users
8 Simultaneous Connections
Reliable VPN Performance

💰Pricing Plans

・Monthly: $12.95

・Half-year plan: $9.99/mon

・One-year plan: $6.67/mon [+3 mouths free]

How to Access Pornhub from Anywhere? [Detailed Tutorial]

After picking a VPN, it’s time to access Pormhub. We will use X-VPN as the Demo tool, and show you the step-by-step tutorial with clean screenshots.

Step 1. Hit the button below and choose the suitable version to get a VPN download.

download xvpn

Step 2. Open X-VPN and select a server that works with Pornhub to connect.

Note: We recommend that you use a server located in the Netherlands, where pornography has been legalized since 1985.

select a server

Step 3. Navigate to the Pornhub website. When facing the prompts below, hit the “I am 18 or older option” to enter.

⚠️But attention: please ensure you’re not a minor, or you’ll be in legal trouble.

Step 4. Now, you successfully accessed Pornhub with X-VPN. Maintain the VPN connection, and find a video to watch.

watch pornhub with xvpn

How to Choose the Best VPN for Pornhub?

We have listed the 3 Best VPNs by which you can watch Pornhub easily. But, you can also find other suitable providers on your own, according to these main factors below.

・Server Network: The VPN must offer enough servers worldwide to successfully bypass Pornhub ban or other geo-restrictions.

・Performance: Identify the VPN that has a good reputation for fast speed, unblock ability, and smooth streaming.

・Privacy: Choose a VPN with a strict no-logs policy and ensure no personal data will be recorded.

・Security: The best VPN for Pornhub should also shield security and block cyber threats from unsafe surfing.

・Compatibility: Select a service with high compatibility to enable seamless usage.

With the official implementation of New Age Verification Law, all of the major popular porn sites have now responded in their own ways.

While XVideos and XNXX have yet to adopt any restrictions, many adult sites have chosen to stand with Pornhub and continue the fight by banning access. And also, there are some platforms that have chosen to adapt to the bill's requirements.

You can check out the table below to see the new access to some popular adult sites.

Access PrivilegePorn Sites
Access BlockedPornhub, Brazzers, RedTube, YouPorn
Requires Age VerificationXHamster, Chaturbate
Access AllowedXVideos, XNXX


If you're affected by a Pornhub ban, using a VPN to connect to a server that Pornhub doesn't currently block can effectively solve the problem.

This blog has reviewed 3 top VPNs for Pornhub, choose one you prefer, or just click the green button to get X-VPN, and try this powerful tool to break the geo-restrictions from anywhere.

get xvpn


Is porn legal in Texas?

Yes, porn is legal in Texas. But only people aged 18 or above are allowed to watch. Texas has constituted Bill 1181 to restrict minors from viewing adult content and requires websites with over one-third of harmful content to verify the user’s age.

Are VPN services illegal?

No, VPN services are legal in most countries. However, while using VPN services can enhance your surfing experience and shield your online security, it cannot legalize illegal movements. So before you use a VPN service, please ensure you confirm the VPN legality of your living region.

How to watch pornhub if it's blocked?

You can watch Pornhub with the help of a standout VPN, like X-VPN. It will change your IP address by connecting to a remote server that can work with Pornhub, and let you successfully access its official page, and watch every video you like.