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Prepare for Thanksgiving: Best streaming movies in November

Nov 03, 2023   |   4 mins
Prepare for Thanksgiving: Best streaming movies in November

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As Halloween fades away, November quietly enters with a subtle charm, marking a shift in the atmosphere. It's the perfect time to embrace the warmth of cozy evenings, and with the holiday season around the corner, looking forward to streaming your favorite movies with family on Thanksgiving.

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A Murder at the End of the World

Release date: Nov 14

Where to watch: Hulu

Genre: Psychological thriller


A Murder at the end of the world is a cool mystery series about a young detective named Darby. She's super good with technology. Darby and some other people get invited to a special retreat by a rich person. But, uh-oh, someone at the retreat gets hurt. Now, Darby has to use her detective skills to figure out who did it before they hurt someone else.

Quiz Lady

Release date: Nov 03

Where to watch: Hulu

Genre: Comedy


Anne, a tightly wound, game show-obsessed woman, must come together with her chaotic sister Jenny in order to help pay off their mother's gambling debts. When Anne's beloved dog is kidnapped, they will have to set off on a cross-country journey in order to get the money they need. In order to do so, they will have to tap into Anne's skill set by turning her into the game show champion she was always meant to be.

The Crown: Season 6

Release date: Nov 16

Where to watch: Netflix

Genre: Drama


The Crown Season 6 centers on the last days of Princess Diana's life, picking up where season five concludes. It will portray the Princess of Wales's final moments leading up to her tragic death in a car crash that also took the lives of Fayed and the car's driver, Henri Paul.

The Killer

Release date: Nov 10

Where to watch: Netflix

Genre: Crime


Following a pivotal close call, an assassin finds himself entangled in a conflict with both his employers and his own inner demons. As he embarks on an international manhunt, he insists that the mission isn't driven by personal motives.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Release date: Nov 17

Where to watch: Apple TV +

Genre: Action/ Adventure


In the aftermath of Godzilla's clash with the MUTOs, siblings uncover their family's ties to Monarch, a secretive organization. Pursuing clues, they delve into the world of monsters and discover a connection to Army officer Lee Shaw in the 1950s. The saga spans three generations, unveiling buried secrets and exploring the lasting impact of earth-shattering events on our lives.

Little Richard: I Am Everything

Release date: Nov 23

Where to watch: Max

Genre: Documentary


This documentary follows the life and career of musician Little Richard. It covers many topics relevant to Little Richard’s rise as well as the roadblocks that were placed in his way. Being Black, gay and a rebel added up to his becoming a revolutionary figure in popular culture.

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