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Protect your business from cybersecurity threats

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
Protect your business from cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity is very important for both individuals and businesses. With the continuous development of network technology, many network security threats remain. It is not only a threat to the leakage of personal information but also the possibility of property loss, especially for enterprises, so many enterprises invest energy and financial resources to deal with cybersecurity threats.

Protect your sensitive and private information right now.

What are the common cybersecurity threats?

1.At present, the most common is probably a malware attack. When we browse the web or download some software in the application market, due to the low-security factor of the website, some malicious software may be downloaded. The malware reads personal information and uses it to make money.Be wary of face recognition apps.

2. There are many face recognizes apps, such as Faceu. But according to some media reports, when changing faces, our pictures are uploaded to the software system platform by default, so our portraits will be left on its platform. As for whether these exposed portraits will be abused, it is more up to the software producers.

Protect your sensitive and private information right now.

3.Spear-phishing emails, sending links with formatted vulnerability documents. This is also one of the common network security threats. Such attacks can often cause severe economic losses to individuals and businesses. An email-borne attack that involves tricking the email recipient into disclosing confidential information or downloading malware by clicking on a hyperlink in the message.

4.Digital signature theft / counterfeit. There have been numerous attacks on digital signatures, which are mainly divided into signature theft, signature fraud, signature counterfeit, and signature expiration. Signature misappropriation means that the digital signature used by a malicious program is the same digital signature officially used by a company, and the fingerprint of its digital certificate is also the same.

Other common cybersecurity threats include “Man in the Middle” (MitM) attack, Trojans, Ransomware, Denial of Service attack or Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS), Attacks on IoT Devices, Data Breaches and Malware on Mobile Apps.

Protect your sensitive and private information right now.

How these cybersecurity threats cause damage to business?

The network black industry chain caused a large number of data leaks, and these massive amounts of sensitive data constituted big black data. In addition to being used for accurate advertising, black production data will also be abused by criminals, causing more serious and direct economic losses to Internet users. Public service industry organizations such as transportation, medical care, education, finance, hotels, and logistics have a large amount of user information. Therefore, these industries closely related to social life have become the targets of the black industry chain.

Why is necessary to download X-VPN for cybersecurity threats?

Facing all these cybersecurity threats, protect our personal information is becoming more and more important. For mobile phones and other electronic devices users, installing a VPN to protect personal privacy is almost the most secure and convenient method.

Take X-VPN as an example, it can secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption and bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology.
X-VPN provides choices of 9 types of security tunnels. Nobody including X-VPN can track or hack you. And one account can be used on all of your electronic devices.

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