Proxy or VPN?

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
Proxy or VPN?

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Both VPN and proxy server (Proxy) can protect your identity when surfing the Internet, that is, hide your IP location, and can also solve geographically restricted content. Therefore, many people will have questions. What is the difference?

In simple terms, the part that can resolve geographic restrictions is the same, but in terms of protecting privacy, one of them does a better job, as explained below.

Although both of these technologies maintain anonymity by hiding your IP address, they work slightly differently. The proxy acts as a gateway for the software you use.

For example, your ISP is your Internet gateway. The relationship between the proxy and your software is the same. Agents are not encrypted, but network traffic will not connect to your network. An anonymous VPN protects your entire Internet connection from the moment you connect to it. Set up a virtual network through our server, reroute all traffic and DNS, from µTorrent to email, to basic web browsing, disguising all your activities.


A proxy server is a relay point between devices when you are visiting a certain station.

In other words, your data traffic will pass through this relay station.

You can think of it as your computer or other devices, before connecting to the Internet, first connect to the host of the relay agent server, and this proxy server will hide your original IP, and all the websites you have visited will only see the IP of your relay station.

The proxy server can only perform IP masquerading on one program at the same time. When you download or browse the web, all your traffic is routed through the anonymous proxy server and directed towards you.


Like a proxy, a VPN also hides your IP through a remote server and reroutes your Internet data traffic, so that the website has no way of knowing your original IP or location.

The difference is that VPN can run at the system level, which means that both browsers and applications will be affected.

VPN will also encrypt your data traffic so that the Internet provider (ISP) will no longer be able to monitor your online activities and collect any related data. This encryption can also protect against government surveillance, website tracking, and any intentional people or hackers who might try to intercept and attack your device.

X-VPN uses 256-bit encryption bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology and offers choices of 9 types of security tunnels. This means that we provide a completely anonymous VPN server, regardless of geographic location, you will be able to enjoy enhanced security. This not only protects your torrent downloads but also all other online activities or experiences.

In addition, we have done enough work on anonymity. At every stage of the purchase and daily multi-scenario use, we consider the importance of anonymity and privacy. Please check out our official website to see more powerful functions for privacy protection.

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