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  • Happy Mother's Day: Safe online shopping

Happy Mother's Day: Safe online shopping

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
Happy Mother's Day: Safe online shopping

Mother's Day is right around the corner. When preparing a surprise for the most important person, your heart may be full of love and expectations for when your mother receives a gift. Maybe there are details of online shopping that you haven't noticed.

Shopping online has its own risks, but you can control and protect yourself with VPN.

Why use VPN for shopping?

In addition to the great support provided by VPN in terms of hiding IP address, the function of switching lines provides the possibility to facilitate best online shopping results worldwide. You can access exclusive products on websites in different regions as invisible consumers and complete the entire consumption experience in a safe manner.

Online shopping

You can shop for holiday gifts for mom, sister, and the great women around you. Online store pricing is generally based on the geographic location of the consumer. Switching servers to change IP addresses shuttles you to regional sites for the best prices you can get.


Travel-related content including hotel reservations, air tickets, and car rentals will fluctuate in price based on your location. You can change the IP to get price comparisons of different locations and discount information for different places.

How does a VPN provide secure shopping?

First of all, after connecting to a VPN server, outside tracking cannot locate the real IP of the individual. Instead, only the server address of the VPN can be seen, thus hiding users’ real identities.

Second, a VPN encrypts both your web traffic and the target websites you visit, adding an extra layer of security without revealing your personal identity as you browse various items.

Also, if to assume a more extreme situation, you need to quickly order a gift for mom under the public network at the train station or airport and have it delivered to her house. The administrator of the public network can see the destination website you requested. If you need to enter your VISA card pin, address, phone number or any other private information, maybe a fake website generated by the administrator has already mastered your real account and password.

Here, with VPN’s help, all information sent by the user from the device will be encrypted again, and the administrator cannot obtain the target address and content of the user's request.

Regarding fake shopping websites, there are endless means and counterfeiting methods that are infringing on the rights and interests of consumers, please refer to this article and view the possible dangers and avoid untrustworthy websites and advertisements, links, emails, etc in advance.

How to use VPN for online shopping?

  1. Install X-VPN on your devices
  2. You need to register an account in most cases, but you don't need this step with X-VPN
  3. Select the server you need in [Select Location] and one-click to connect

Check out more details about installation and setup.

When shopping, copy the URL link or SKU corresponding to the product you selected.

Repeat the above connection actions, log in to the website where you need to shop and refresh the interface so that the page is ready to recognize that your location matches the area of the VPN you are connected to.

Re-paste your found items and compare price changes in different currencies.

Now you have a basic understanding of the potential dangers of online shopping and how to keep your data safe with a VPN. Pick a gift for mom and the women around you now.

You can also get X-VPN services for their lifestyles such as online shopping, remote working, or enjoying streaming media content, making every online activity stable, fast and secure.

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