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Netflix will release 70 original movies in 2021

Jan 18, 2021   |   2 mins to read
Original movies on Netflix has won a lot of awards and been recognized by audience and experts.

According to the Netflix streaming service, it will release 70 original movies in 2021, this news shocked many people because Netflix launched more original movies this year than any streaming provider or film studio. 

Regarding the production of 70 movies throughout the year, Netflix’s plan is to release a new movie every week, which undoubtedly puts a lot of pressure on other filmmakers. After all, Disney will produce 22 original movies this year, Walt Bros expects 21 original movies, and other providers are even less. This also shows that Netflix is determined to win the audience. 

Netflix 2021 Film Preview | Official Trailer

For you, the following 10 movies must not be missed:

01 Army Of Dead

02 Bad Trip

03 Don’t Look Up

04 Escape from Spiderhead

05 I Care A Lot

06 Monster

07 Red Notice

08 The Woman in the Window

09 To All The Boys: Always And Forever 


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