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  • The Chair on Netflix - Everything is worth fighting for

The Chair on Netflix - Everything is worth fighting for

Aug 27, 2021   |   2 mins to read
The Chair is released exclusively on Netflix. Try the best VPN for Netflix.
The Chair on Netflix - Everything is worth fighting for

The Atlantic commented that this is Netflix‘s best TV series in recent years. This satirical comedy starring Sandra Oh tells the story of the first time that the English department of a small liberal arts college in the northeastern United States hired an Asian woman Ji-Yoon Kim as the chair. Ji-Yoon not only has to deal with her superior, a conservative white male dean; but also to appease her subordinates, a group of white old professors who disagree with her.

This drama uses simple words with big meanings to show the current American workplace racial environment to the fullest.

The Chair itself did not deliberately highlight racial conflicts. Instead, it describes the huge impact of the atypical chair’s on the workplace brought by the campus environment composed of a group of progressive Gen-Z college students.

On the surface, this is a very innovative behavior; but in fact, it is turbulent. Ji-Yoon tried to pacify every aspect with patience and kindness, but no one obeyed her, including the rebellious liberal student, the difficult dean, professors who tried to overthrow her, the stubborn father, the naughty adopted daughter, and the rebellious “boyfriend”.

In the face of complicated work and life, avoiding trouble is no longer applicable. As Yaz, an African-American female professor in the drama, said, “You should be running this place, instead you running around playing nice”.

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