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  • The COVID-19 pandemic leads to a rise in the VPN market

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to a rise in the VPN market

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
The COVID-19 pandemic leads to a rise in the VPN market

As we all know, due to the global pandemic beginning from 2020, more and more employers start working from home. COVID-19 accelerates the Work From Home(WFH) revolution. 

In the past few months, the number of remote and mobile workers has exploded. With the high incidence of the second wave of epidemics, this situation will continue for some time, and more companies will begin to explore and better adapt to new remote working models. 

VPN is the key technology playing an important role in enable to support remote operations. A report about the global market for Virtual Private Network (VPN) is expected to witness unprecedented spurt in growth in the year 2020 to the tune of 27.1%. 

As security work software, X-VPN secures your internet data with 256-bits encryption, which has a  bank-grade multi-layered encryption level. X-VPN does protect your privacy on data transmission, which will make your data safer.

What X-VPN can do 

- Remote work to ensure data transmission security

- Hide real IP to access anywhere in the world

- Take advantages of discounts and promotions around the world

- Bypass firewall to enter more streaming service

- Stable online traffic, but should be pay attention, VPNs cannot substantially increase the speed of the Internet, but they can speed up access to non-local networks

X-VPN provides 9 protocols to help you bypass filters and firewalls, feel free to access streaming content including Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc. One account available for multi-platform Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Router, and Amazon fire TV. In the meantime, X-VPN doesn’t log and uses’ traffic data, which includes your browsing history, traffic data, personal surfing data, and DNS queries. Feel free to enter our live chat, or ask for help from our Q&A.

If you need more information, download X-VPN to protect Internet security, please click : 

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