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Why do you need a VPN at school?

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
Why do you need a VPN at school?

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The holidays are coming to an end. Are you worried about returning to school? Especially when thinking of slow campus networks. We know that using a VPN on campus is recommended. However, does VPN help to increase internet speed?

What causes the slow speed of the campus network?

1. Too many people using it at the same time

In schools, too many people connect to the same network. Every device connected to the network consumes bandwidth. It strongly causes slow internet speeds.

2. Low quality router

The quality of the router greatly affects the speed of data exchange. Routers in schools are not always the latest or most advanced.

3. Firewall

Schools often set up firewalls in order to keep students not distracting by the cyber world. In addition, ISPs also restrict traffic to certain websites at certain times.

Can VPN boost campus Wi-Fi speeds?

Yes. A VPN makes campus Wi-Fi faster by hiding your access destination. So you can bypass firewall restrictions. School network administrators and ISPs won't know that you're accessing a restricted website, only that you're accessing a VPN server.

However, it‘s hard to say that in the first 2 cases above, using a VPN alone is helpful.

The convenience of using a VPN at school

We recommend using a VPN at school, not just for speed. Here are more VPNs can do for us.

1. Prevent privacy leakage

School Wi-Fi is a type of public Wi-Fi. Your personal information and private data are exposed to people connected to the same router. Hackers and malicious people can easily break into your device. Plus, they can identify you by your campus Wi-Fi IP address.

By connecting to VPN, you use the IP address provided by the VPN service when you conduct Internet activities. This can effectively protect your privacy.

2. Avoid surveillance

When using campus Wi-Fi, the website address you visit is transparent to the administrator. Using a VPN can hide your destination from possible surveillance.