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  • Unraveling the magic of self-developed shell protocol

Unraveling the magic of self-developed shell protocol

May 17, 2023   |   3 mins to read
It's friendly for beginners who want to customize and automate their shell commands.

Table of contents

Unraveling the magic of self-developed shell protocol

What are Shell protocols?

X-VPN further upgrades and optimizes the basic common protocols (UDP, TCP, TLS, FTP, SMTP, and HTTP) to Shell protocols. They are all networking protocols used to communicate between devices over the Internet. By using a client-server model, where one device (client) requests data or services from another device (server).

These standard protocols all use the most basic communication principles, including well-known information that needs to be identified during communication, IP, messages, data packets and port numbers, including headers and data payloads. It can be said that choosing to use a common protocol can deal the most basic communication problems. But if you want to improve the security and privacy of communication, you need stronger technical support from VPN.

What protocols are included in Shell protocols?

They all have their specific use cases and features. For example, UDP is a connectionless protocol faster but less reliable than TCP, while TLS is a protocol for secure communication over the Internet. FTP is used for file transfer, SMTP is used for email, and HTTP is used for web browsing. They all have their standard features but are also distinguished from others.

These are all common sense protocols used in terms of speed and security that have been widely accepted by the industry. We have carried out technical upgrades on the basis of the main protocols, which has improved high security, high privacy, and faster and more stable connection speeds.

10 shell protocols:







* Hidden-TCP

* Hidden-TLS

* Hidden-HTTP

* HTTP-Proxy

The optimization and improvement of X-VPN technology is to ensure higher security, prevent identification by third parties, and emphasize the danger of exposure to third parties. These protocols are often used to evade network filters or firewalls that are designed to block or restrict specific protocols or traffic patterns.

Higher security: By hiding the common protocol used, attackers can make it harder to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the application or service. It can also help to prevent eavesdropping and interception of sensitive data by third-party entities.

More anonymous: Multiple encryption methods can help protect users' privacy and anonymity by making it more challenging to track their network activity or identify the applications or services they are using.  

Circumventing censorship: In some countries, Internet censorship is enforced by blocking specific protocols or traffic patterns. These protocols can help users circumvent such censorship by making it more difficult for filters to identify and block restricted content.

How to use the Shell protocols?

Users can benefit from the different needs and optimization protocol features. Customized services can also be set up for users who require specific functionality. However, the best option for most users with no special requirements would be the one-click Auto button, which enables automatic connection.

How to distinguish the Shell protocols and the Everest protocol?

Shell protocols: The general term for the protocol after upgrading the technology of the ten basic protocols.

Everest protocol: A 100% full self-developed protocol.

But they are all compatible with most devices and desktop platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, routers, Chrome extensions, Linux, and game consoles. In addition, one can log in to five devices simultaneously.

Rooted technology in-depth research

We will continue cultivating self-developed technology for our product and focus on investing resources into research and development to build upon existing technologies and create new ones. Aim to stay ahead of competitors and offer products with unique features and unavailable capabilities. We are improving product performance and quality to provide a competitive advantage in the market.