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  • VPN Gate Review 2024: A Free Vpn Hosted by Volunteers

VPN Gate Review 2024: A Free Vpn Hosted by Volunteers

Dec 05, 2023   |   7 mins
VPN Gate Review 2024: A Free Vpn Hosted by Volunteers

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VPN Gate is a free VPN service that originated in Japan in 2013. Initiated by academics and students from the University of Tsukuba, this VPN operates as an "academic research project into Global Distributed Public VPN Relay Servers," relying on volunteers worldwide. Primarily situated in Asia, with a notable presence in China, VPN Gate is designed to excel in unblocking websites, particularly in regions with high censorship.

Given its open-source nature, volunteers have the freedom to distribute and contribute to the software. With increasing adoption, we decided to explore its capabilities firsthand.

VPN Gate Speed Review

VPN Gate Speed

- 5/10 Rating for VPN Gate Speed

In general, the prevailing online sentiment suggests that VPN Gate's speed tests often yield subpar results, leading us to approach our evaluation with modest expectations.

However, upon testing VPN Gate, we observed no significant deviations from our typical download speed. Yet, there appeared to be discrepancies, particularly concerning the virtual location, as it did not align with the promised location. Consequently, we harbor reservations about trusting the results, resulting in a modest 5/10 rating for speed.

Here are our key findings:

・Surprisingly Good Speeds: Our speed test results showcased fast download speeds across various scenarios.

・Elevated Ping Levels: Notably, the ping experienced a considerable increase during testing, which could be impractical for activities such as streaming or gaming.

・Consistently High Speeds: Speeds remained consistently high during activities like browsing, downloading, and streaming.

In summary, while our speed tests reflected promising results in terms of download speeds, the inconsistencies and discrepancies in virtual location raise concerns about VPN Gate's overall reliability.

VPN Gate Safety Review

VPN Gate Safety

- 2/10 Rating for VPN Gate Safety

Ensuring security and privacy is a top priority when evaluating any VPN. Typically, VPN services managed by corporations adhere to strict security standards due to industry competition and data privacy regulations. However, VPN Gate lacks the backing of an official corporation, and this is reflected in its security and privacy measures, earning it a modest 2/10 rating.

While VPN Gate employs secure protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSL-VPN, and SSTP, and supports AES 256-bit encryption (though some servers use AES 128-bit), there are notable drawbacks:

Lack of Kill Switch: Notably, VPN Gate does not feature a kill switch, a crucial component for maintaining privacy by cutting off internet access if the VPN connection drops. For those placing importance on a kill switch — and it's a crucial feature — we suggest considering X-VPN instead. X-VPN’s kill switch functions reliably, providing effective IP leak protection.

・IP Leaks Detected: During our testing of VPN Gate, we encountered IP leaks, a security vulnerability that compromises anonymity.

・No Account Requirement: On a positive note, VPN Gate does not necessitate creating an account, eliminating the need for signup details.

・Data Collection Concerns: Given that VPN Gate operates on volunteer servers, it lacks a coherent no-logs policy, enabling each server owner to potentially store logs of user's IP addresses, visited websites, and downloaded files. Such lack of privacy control, along with its policy to comply with data requests from governments, renders VPN Gate distinctly problematic for preserving user privacy.

In summary, while VPN Gate utilizes secure protocols and encryption, its data collection practices, absence of a kill switch, and the experience of IP leaks raise concerns about its overall security and privacy capabilities.

VPN Gate User Friendliness Review

VPN Gate usability

- 4/10 Rating for VPN Gate Usability

Considering VPN Gate's origins, expecting a visually striking user experience might be unrealistic. However, our evaluation of VPNs centers on user-friendliness for the average user. In this context, VPN Gate received a 4/10 for usability.

Key Points:

・Bare-Bones Website: VPN Gate features a straightforward website that prioritizes functionality over aesthetics.

・Complex Setup for Mac: Setting up VPN Gate on Mac can be challenging, especially for those less familiar with computers. The Windows setup is somewhat easier but still lacks optimal user-friendliness.

・Lack of Easy "Connect" Button: Unlike some VPNs, VPN Gate lacks a simple "connect" button for server access. Users may require a bit more technical know-how to establish their connections.

・Free Usage: VPN Gate is entirely free to use.

・Support Resources: The VPN provides FAQs and a community forum for guidance. However, alternative customer support methods are not available.

In summary, VPN Gate's usability is hindered by a basic website, complex setup processes, and a lack of intuitive features. While it is free and offers support resources, its usability might pose challenges for less tech-savvy users.

VPN Gate Server Review

VPN Gate server

- 4/10 Rating for VPN Gate Server

The available servers play a crucial role in the effectiveness of any VPN service. In the case of VPN Gate, it differs from traditional VPNs as it lacks an extensive, independent server network worldwide. This drawback introduces challenges in connecting to VPN Gate servers, as the process can be cumbersome, and volunteer servers may be offline if the owner shuts down their machine.

For the server network aspect, VPN Gate received a 4/10. Here are key observations:

・Volunteer Servers: VPN Gate relies on a network of 9,000+ servers contributed by volunteers.

・Unpredictable Streaming Access: While some VPN Gate servers may unblock Netflix and other streaming services, there's no guarantee of consistent success.

・Torrenting Support: VPN Gate supports torrenting, but downloading via a host's server entails various risks.

In summary, VPN Gate's reliance on volunteer servers poses challenges in terms of accessibility and reliability. While it offers a considerable number of servers, the lack of consistency in streaming access and potential risks associated with torrenting should be considered by users.

Bonus: X-VPN as Your Alternative

X-VPN is a comprehensive VPN tool offering solutions across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Router, Linus, Game Console, as well as Chrome Browser extensions.

X-VPN main features that beats VPN Gate:

1. Servers:

8000+ global VPN servers, and dedicated servers for streaming (1000+), low-ping gaming (500+), fast torrenting (200+).

2. Protocols:

X-VPN employs obfuscation techniques coupled with robust AES-256 encryption. The service utilizes its proprietary protocol called Everest. Notably, X-VPN stands out as the sole VPN provider offering a comprehensive range of traffic disguising options. These include TCP, UDP, TLS, HTTP, FTP and SMTP. In addition to its proprietary obfuscation protocols, X-VPN also supports public protocols such as OpenVPN. This diverse set of protocols enhances the VPN's capability to provide secure and versatile options for different types of online activities.

3. Security & Privacy:

X-VPN offers all round private services, including kill switch, split tunneling, automatic multi-hop, IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, and background WebRTC leak protection. These features collectively contribute to a robust privacy infrastructure, offering users a secure and private online experience with X-VPN.

4. Functions:

X-VPN provides seamless access to a variety of popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Disney+, and more. It enhances gaming experiences on platforms like Xbox, PS, Switch, and PC. Additionally, X-VPN allows users to bypass restrictions on public WiFi networks, such as those in schools or homes. The service also facilitates the unblocking of banned social media platforms, including ChatGPT, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, and others. This diverse range of capabilities makes X-VPN a versatile tool for accessing and enjoying online content securely and without restrictions.

X-VPN stands out as a superior choice compared to VPN Gate. With a robust server network, advanced protocols, and a comprehensive set of security features, X-VPN ensures a secure and versatile online experience. Its seamless functionality in streaming, gaming, and overcoming restrictions positions it as a powerful and user-friendly VPN solution. For a secure and unrestricted online experience, choose X-VPN.

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VPN Gate

Despite originating as an academic research project, VPN Gate has gained notable recognition. However, our review reveals substantial privacy flaws in this free VPN that could jeopardize your data security.

For those seeking a secure and privacy-respecting free VPN, consider exploring X-VPN as an alternative.