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What are VPN connection logs?

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
What are VPN connection logs?

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The connection log records some basic information when people connect to VPN. The records include the following:

Time: the time when you get the connection.

Location: the server that gets the connection.

IP: the IP address.

Protocol: the connection protocol.

Status: the connection status works or does not work.

You may see that the information in the connection log does not contain the user's privacy, nor can it identify the user's personal information. It only has data about the VPN session but nothing about the user's encrypted messages. We optimized the app and VPN servers to eliminate sensitive information.

Why do we need a connection log?

  • Help you check the status of historical IP

You can see that the IP address of each connection is recorded in the connection log.

  • Help to monitor the network problem

These logs help monitor what happens when the servers are loaded and help us troubleshoot servers or IP addresses that are not working correctly.

  • Prevent malicious connections

A free account can support one account to log in to one device, and a subscription account can support one account to log in to 5 devices simultaneously, preventing malicious use of logins with multiple accounts.

  • Provide optimization ideas

A connection log helps us analyze and resolve technical issues and use these data to improve performance and optimize services.

We keep the connection log more than ten times and record the fastest IP, and you can quickly use the connection record that gives you the best surfing experience again. You can also choose to delete the records, one of the connection records, or delete all, to avoid criminals obtaining behavior records for objective reasons such as device loss.

What information does X-VPN keep?

We must keep some server-related activity information to ensure the VPN service runs smoothly. But we will not record your online behavior data, such as the streaming media sites you visit, the movies you download, or the bank accounts you sign in. X-VPN protects your privacy and anonymity.

X-VPN has a clear privacy policy, and we take essential steps to ensure that our users' online activities are private, secure, and anonymous. We will not collect or sell any user's data to third parties for profit.