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  • What is X-VPN’s No- log policy?

What is X-VPN’s No- log policy?

Jul 07, 2020   |   2 mins to read
A “no log policy" ensures that the provider does not keep any identical record of their users' online activity.
What is X-VPN’s No- log policy?

1.What is the No- log Policy?

The No-log policy means that the VPN service provider does not save a series of activities performed by VPN users. But they may record some information like the email address to provide better services.

Limited VPN inventory is not necessarily a bad thing, because it can help VPN providers solve customer problems, prevent misuse of IP space and network, and provide different VPN plans.

The No-log policy is essential to keep VPN services as truly as private as possible.

2. Does X-VPN support the No-log policy?

First and foremost, X-VPN DOES NOT and WILL NOT LOG any users’ traffic data, which includes browsing history, traffic data, DNS queries. As an internet privacy & security service provider, we make sure your privacy is our primary concern, and we will be 100% transparent with our users.

We believe the relationship between the users and us is built on trust.
X-VPN keeps some data to provide necessary user support and troubleshooting, and we keep everything 100% transparent.

3.What can I benefit from No-log policy?

No-log policy means no one knows your browsing history, achieving true anonymity. VPN service providers that support No-log policy do not retain any IP addresses, DNS queries, traffic data, and browsing history records.

Therefore, even if requested by individuals or government departments, it is impossible to provide any user information.

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