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Dedicated streaming servers are updated for TV ING Korea

Apr 20, 2020   |   1 mins to read
Enjoy fast streaming on TV ING globally with the newest server KR-Video-T.

TVING is Korea’s best online video streaming (OTT) service, allowing you to watch domestic and international movies and digital content for free anytime, anywhere, including live TV and broadcast replays of popular channels such as tvN, Mnet, OCN, JTBC and Tunis.

In addition to broadcasting, can enjoy various types of content such as movies, kids, business, and more, and also can use Teabing from smart TVs as well as PCs and mobile devices.

It also offer media deals that you can’t experience in other OTTs by allowing you to buy products that attract attention by watching popular content.

Yes!!We also added the new 【KR-Video-T】, X-VPN supports TV ING content from Korea unlimited.

1.Download and install X-VPN on your devices.
2.Open X-VPN, and then choose 【KR-Video-T 】to connect, Your geographic location will be switched to the local network.
3. The last step, click the button in the middle and connect in one easy step to start a smooth viewing experience.

What you can see:

• Live Top Channels, live TV, including JTBC Newsroom

• Video on demand, Program reply such as Tomorrow’s Mr. Trot Episode 10 on TV CHOSUN, Exodus 31 Tuesday on tvN

• Real-time popular clips

• High box office movie, 1917, Invisible Man etc

• Event

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