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How to Get YouTube Premium at the Lowest Cost? Save 95%!

Jul 05, 2024   |   12 mins
How to Get YouTube Premium at the Lowest Cost? Save 95%!

Want to enjoy YouTube Premium Cost at the cheapest price? By using a VPN, you can access lower prices available abroad, and get the lowest individual price at only $0.73/mon, saving 95% from the full US price of $13.99/mon.

So don’t miss our blog, we will guide you on how to get a YouTube Premium at the lowest price with a VPN!

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Quick Guide: Get YouTube Premium Discount with VPN

Step 1. Hit the button below to get a VPN download.

Step 2. Open it and connect to a server in Nigeria, Argentina, or India, which are the top 3 cheapest countries for YouTube Premium.

Step 3. Create a new Google account with a VPN IP address.

Step 4. Access YouTube and subscribe to a YouTube Premium or join a Family Plan.

Step 5. Now enjoy the YouTube Premium discount and watch any content.

download xvpn

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is an advanced service provided by YouTube. It offers a superior experience compared to its free version, with the shine benefit being ad-free viewing. Premium subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted videos, fully immersing themselves in the atmosphere of movies without any ads.

Beyond this, the following perks also contribute to its high subscription rate.

・Offline Play: Download videos and playlists for offline viewing.

・Background Play: Keep videos or music playing in the background while using other apps or with the screen locked.

・YouTube Originals: Access exclusive YouTube original series and movies.

・YouTube Music Premium: Enjoy ad-free streaming, offline downloads, and background play with YouTube Music.

youtube premium

How Much Is YouTube Premium?

In the US, the YouTube Premium plans are shown below.

PlansMonthlyYearlyFree Trial
Individual$13.99$139.991 Month Free
Student$7.99✖︎1 Month Free
Family$22.99✖︎1 Month Free

・Individual Plan: A subscription option designed for a single user.

・Student Plan: A discounted option for eligible students, but needs identity verification.

・Family Plan: Share the benefits of YouTube Premium with up to 5 household members.

・Free Trial: Try 1-month free YouTube Premium, then recurring billing.

Although YouTube Premium sounds great, the above price can make people think twice. However, YouTube Premium pricing varies by country due to regional pricing strategies - and that's where we can get creative and find the cheapest deal. Keep reading!

How to Get YouTube Premium at the Lowest Cost?

To get YouTube Premium at the lowest cost, we should first figure out which country offers the cheapest YouTube Premium price.

Comparison of YouTube Premium Pricing by Country

Here’s a price comparison for YouTube Premium Individual plans in the US and other major countries.

Note: We converted all currencies to US dollars based on the June 21, 2024 exchange rate.

CountryMonthly PriceMonthly PriceDifference
US13.99 USD$13.99-
Nigeria1100 NGN$0.73- $13.26
Argentina869 ARS$0.96-$13.03
India129 INR$1.54-$12.45
Turkey57.99 TRY$1.76-$12.23
Philippines159 PHP$2.70-$11.29
Brazil24.90 BRL$4.57-$9.42
Poland25.99 SAR$6.93-$7.06
Japan1280 JPY$8.06-$5.93
Australia16.99 AUD$11.30-$2.69
France12.99 EUR$13.88-$0.11
United Kingdom12.99 GBP$16.44+$2.45
Switzerland15.90 CHF$18.42+$4.43

By comparing prices, we see that YouTube Premium varies widely between countries, and Nigeria now offers the lowest YouTube Premium prices at only $0.73 per month.

If you subscribe in a country with lower rates, you can save a bundle. So, how can we pull this off? Time to break out the VPN!

Why We Need a VPN to Get a YouTube Premium Discount?

A powerful VPN can route your internet traffic through servers in different regions, masking your real IP address, making YouTube think you're accessing from another location, and helping you enjoy affordable YouTube Premium services.

Due to daily exchange rate fluctuations, Nigeria, Argentina, and India are all likely to be the countries with the lowest YouTube Premium prices. So we recommend using a VPN that has servers in all these 3 regions, like X-VPN, to ensure you will get the cheapest YouTube Premium cost.

How to Use A VPN to Get the Cheapest YouTube Premium?

Now, here are detailed steps on how to use a VPN to get the cheapest YouTube Premium. We will connect to an India server as an example.

Let’s follow the savvy trick to keep your wallet happy!

Step 1. Download a VPN

Choose and download a reliable VPN on your device. We recommend the X-VPN, which has 8000+ global servers to fake your geo-location and get the cheapest YouTube Premium cost.

get xvpn

Step 2. Connect to an India Server

Launch X-VPN, select an India server, and the connection will start automatically. You can hit the Quick Connect button to end or restart the connection immediately.

connect to an india server

Step 3. Create a New Google Account

Create a new Indian Google account with X-VPN. If you use the old account, Google is likely to infer your real location based on previous web activity history, thus preventing you from buying Indian YouTube Premium.

create a new google account

Step 4. Access YouTube Premium

Sign in with the new Google account, and navigate to the YouTube Premium page. Now you can find the basic subscription plans of India YouTube Premium.

Note: Ensure that the displayed currency is INR.

access youtube premium with vpn

Step 5. Get YouTube Premium

Now hit the Get YouTube Premium> Individual> Confirm> Add a credit card or debit card to subscribe. Also, you can choose other plans according to your needs - The 12-month plan will be the cheapest for individual subscriptions at only $1.28/mon ($15.4/year).

subscribe youtube premium

And if you want to get the lowest price, navigate to Family Plan> Try 1 month for ₹0> Add a credit card or debit card, then finish the subscription and invite 5 people to join the plan and share the 189 INR - all 6 people will get the lowest price at $0.38/month.

set up a family plan

The YouTube Premium Family Plan is the cheapest option, allowing up to 6 people to share the same benefits with separate accounts, ensuring personalized experiences without interference.

Step 6. Enjoy Now

When you finish the YouTube Premium subscription, now you can enjoy all of YouTube with no interruptions.

But please note that YouTube content varies by region. So to watch content from your real location, just disconnect your VPN connection and refresh the YouTube page - YouTube Premium will work without a VPN.

Of course, you can always switch to any YouTube libraries you'd like to watch at any time with X-VPN. Its large network of 8000+ servers in 60+ countries can meet all your needs.

server locations of xvpn

A VPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions to access lower-priced YouTube services, but few providers have servers in these regions.

Out of the limited options available, here are the top 3 YouTube Premium VPNs, chosen for their large server count, strong functionality, and robust security, to help you reduce YouTube Premium cost.



X-VPN is the top choice for accessing YouTube Premium at the lowest price. With over 8,000 servers in 60+ countries, including Nigeria, Argentina, and India—where YouTube Premium is cheapest—X-VPN ensures fast and reliable connections. Its unique Everest protocol uses VPN obfuscation to route your traffic and bypass YouTube's VPN detection successfully.

Not only is X-VPN great for YouTube, but it's also a leading VPN for streaming. It lifts geo-restrictions on major platforms, allowing you to access different regional libraries and enjoy 4K video playback without buffering. Strong encryption and a firm commitment to the No-log policy also protect users from third-party tracking and probing.

For those who watch YouTube across various devices, X-VPN offers excellent compatibility. You can install its app on smartphones, TVs, tablets, and more, using the same account for seamless service across up to 5 devices.

💡You can read this blog to learn how to use a VPN on different platforms.

🌏Servers8000+ servers in 225 regions, including Nigeria, Argentina and India.
📱CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, TVs, Router, Chrome, etc.
🔥Connections5 devices.

More Features

・Free Version: Provides a free version with unlimited bandwidth and 1000+ servers.

・High-level Security: Uses strong AES-256 encryption and various VPN protocols for unbeatable online security.

・Great Unblock Ability: Excels in bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship, providing users with unparalleled access to content worldwide.

・Fast Speed: Blazing fast, with speed loss averaging no more than 15%.

・Gamer Friendly: Supports game consoles and sets up dedicated servers to lower ping, fix connection problems, etc.

Many services, like TikTok Coins, Netflix Plans, and Fortnite V-Bucks, have different prices depending on the region. Hit the button to try X-VPN with a 30-day free trial, you can switch to the appropriate IP address and always get the lowest price easily!

try xvpn with a free trial



To get a YouTube Premium discount, NordVPN is a great choice too. With a vast network of over 6,000 servers in 111 countries, NordVPN makes it easy to access cheaper YouTube Premium rates in regions like India and Turkey, while also unlocking a variety of geo-restricted streaming content and services.

One of NordVPN's standout features is its impressive speed, thanks to the NordLynx protocol. This ensures a fast, encrypted connection for uninterrupted online activities, keeping your data secure from prying eyes.

However, NordVPN sometimes locks the application suddenly, preventing it from connecting to the network properly and requiring the user to manually disable and reconnect it.

💡You can run a VPN test to check the VPN has good performance and standout stability.

🌏Servers6000+ servers in 111 countries, including Argentina and India.
📱CompatibilityWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook, etc.
🔥Connections10 devices.

More Features

・Secure Encryption: Protect network security and data privacy with industry-standard encryption and advanced VPN security features.

・Advanced Security Suite: Provides additional security tools such as Multi-Factor Authentication, obfuscated servers, and DNS leak test.

・Extra Services: 1TB encrypted cloud storage space, password manager, ad blocker, etc.



With over 3,000 servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN may not match the server count of X-VPN and NordVPN, but it still excels in helping users get the best value YouTube Premium subscriptions in countries like Argentina and India.

ExpressVPN's core strength lies in its robust security features. It offers advanced VPN security options such as split tunneling and a Kill Switch, providing a highly secure data environment for users. Additionally, ExpressVPN delivers impressive speed performance. Utilizing its proprietary Lightway protocol, the VPN ensures minimal speed loss, allowing users to access YouTube Premium content seamlessly.

But some Windows users have reported experiencing sudden drops in their VPN connections when using the ExpressVPN desktop edition. This can cause significant issues for many PC users.

💡You can check out this blog and get detailed reviews about the 6 Best Free VPNs for PC.

🌏Servers3000+ servers in 105 countries, including Argentina and India.
📱CompatibilityWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, TVs, Browsers, etc.
🔥Connections8 devices.

More Features

・Best-in-class encryption: Protects online data with 256-bit encryption.

・Lightway Protocol: Provides fast and stable streaming speeds.

・TrustedServer Technology: Runs all servers on volatile memory (RAM) rather than hard drives, meaning no data is written to the server, enhancing privacy.

・MediaStreamer DNS: Streams content on devices that don’t support VPNs, such as game consoles.

Do I Need a VPN to Enjoy YouTube Premium After Subscription?

No, YouTube Premium works without a VPN. Once the subscription is complete, you can disconnect the VPN and continue to enjoy all advanced rights no matter where you actually are.

But some content, including YouTube Originals and certain movies, might be geo-restricted. So, for local YouTube trends, you don't need a VPN; to access content from another country's library or hit Music, a VPN will play a great role.

How to Watch Cheap YouTube Premium on TVs or Boxes?

You can just download X-VPN on a computer, buy the cheapest YouTube Premium on the YouTube official site with X-VPN according to the tutorial we have shown above, and sign in on your TV or Roku Box using the new Google account.

For better stability and to pass sudden YouTube verification, we recommend downloading the X-VPN app on your TV or configuring VPN for router - enable the VPN to work on all devices connected to your network.

Pro Tip: How to Fix YouTube Premium VPN Not Working?

If you are connected to a VPN server but can't access YouTube Premium properly, follow the solutions we provide to fix the corresponding problems.


Your geographic location on YouTube has not changed according to the server location you chose.

geo-location on youtube has not changed

Possible Causes:

・Browser cookies leaked your real location.

・The VPN you selected has a poor unblock ability.


・Ensure you have created a new Google account first.

・Clear the browser cookies.

・Change a browser to access YouTube.

・Try another VPN provider.


YouTube Premium shows “This offer is not available”.

youtube premium is not available

Possible Causes:

・YouTube detected that you were using a VPN and banned your access.


・Connect to a different server in the same region.

・Turn on the VPN obfuscation function.

・Using a dedicated IP address.

・Modify the device network settings.

・Try a stronger VPN service.


You can use a VPN to connect to a country with cheaper YouTube Premium, like Nigeria, Argentina, and India. You can also choose its Family Plan if there are other people who can share the price with you.

To achieve that, a reliable VPN will be the key. Click the red button, X-VPN is the top choice for you to get YouTube Premium at only $0.73 per month.

download xvpn now


Is YouTube Premium worth getting?

It depends on the user's usage and preference. For YouTube loyalists, YouTube Premium is surely worth the money. The service offers an ad-free feature that significantly enhances the user's viewing experience and Offline Downloads, Background Play, Music Premium, and exclusive content are also very friendly to most streaming enthusiasts.

What is the cheapest way to get YouTube Premium?

The cheapest way to get YouTube Premium is to use a powerful VPN, like X-VPN, to change your IP address to a country with the cheapest YouTube Premium price, create a new Google account, and subscribe to YouTube Premium with it.

Can I use YouTube Premium in another country?

Yes, you can use YouTube Premium in another country. You can continue to enjoy ad-free videos and all advanced features regardless of your location. But what you can watch may vary depending on the country you're in.