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Защитите свою конфиденциальность на Twitch с помощью X-VPN

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 мин.
Защитите свою конфиденциальность на Twitch с помощью X-VPN
Prime Gaming - это встроенный контент подписки Twitch совместно с Amazon. Он помогает поддерживать любимых стримеров пользователей. Он также предоставляет пользователям разнообразные игры и игровые сокровища каждый месяц, а также множество других преимуществ.

Ранее на этой неделе Twitch подтвердил, что "произошло нарушение" через Twitter и они работают над этим.

С проблемой утечки данных, обсуждения о безопасности платформы Twitch и о том, сколько денег зарабатывают топовые стримеры на платформе, также вызвали одну волну за другой в социальных сетях.

Твит от официального Twitch. Изображение: Twitter.

Хакеры используют утечку информации, чтобы распространять больше данных о Twitch самом по сети Интернет, а не личной информации, паролях или адресах электронной почты. На Twitter также постоянно появляются твиты, нападающие на контент-продюсеров и высмеивающие идею, что "некоторые стримеры могут заработать больше денег на таких инцидентах".

In fact, how much that Twitch streamers can earn is inherently controversial. Top streamers are constantly being recommended to the user’s field of vision. Unlike YouTube’s algorithm, Twitch does not take the content and audience’s degree of adaptation as the direction, because a small amount of the streamers has brought most of the benefits to the platform. Those secondary and even niche channels have not received enough care and support.The superficial phenomenon of this data breach reflects Twitch lacks its own data security work but as a small streamer and a member of a huge community, everyone should choose a safer way to circumvent the risk of data leakage to the greatest extent possible in the early stages. Many Twitch streamers use VPNs to protect their online privacy, improve performance, and protect themselves from special attacks. Some people even use VPNs to access geo-restricted streaming platforms and games. In addition to supporting streamers’ HD live and a smooth gaming experience with the help of VPN’s own characteristics, this way also greatly serves Prime Gaming.Watch prime content with X-VPN. All rights reserved. Since Prime Gaming is available in specific areas including the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, Japan, etc., if you are in other regions, you need to take many steps to solve the problem of not being able to use Twitch Prime. However, X-VPN can fundamentally solve the problem of regional restrictions with one click. In some games, you will unlock new areas as you level up and complete tasks. But your real location may cause certain games to lock you down. In fact, it is not games that are restricted, but streaming platforms. For example, Twitch is prohibited by countries to stream content.If you want to stream your game for a popular game or on Twitch blocked in your country, then a streaming VPN is the perfect solution. Regarding games, X-VPN provides a stable connection with no upper limit on bandwidth, which magnifies the effects of game streaming and the advantages of Prime Gaming.A good VPN is to maintain the playback speed and picture quality as much as possible on the basis of security encryption. Get X-VPN now:App Store|IOS usersGoogle Play|Android users