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  • X-VPN’s new free VPN Chrome extension is now available!

X-VPN’s new free VPN Chrome extension is now available!

Dec 20, 2023   |   5 mins
X-VPN’s new free VPN Chrome extension is now available!

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We are delighted to announce that X-VPN's new VPN for Chrome extension is now ready to enhance your browsing experience. Merging superior security with unrestricted browsing, X-VPN escalates your online journey within the Chrome ecosystem.

Begin with X-VPN's Free VPN Chrome Extension

X-VPN Chrome extension

If you're in search of a free VPN Chrome extension, look no further. Experience the worth of X-VPN without spending a dime. Perfectly suited for both experienced users and VPN newcomers, our Free VPN Chrome extension delivers a treasure trove of key features:

1. No Sign-up Required: Get started instantly with no need for registration.

2. Zero Credit Card Information Required: Enjoy our services without linking any credit card or payment data.

3. Unlimited Speed and Data: Enjoy seamless browsing with no restrictions on speed or data.

4. Optimal Automatic Route Selection: X-VPN auto-configures the best free server from over 1000 free options based on your specific connection needs.

To add X-VPN to your browser and start your secure browsing, download directly from the VPN Chrome extension on X-VPN website or Chrome Store.

Introducing Enhanced Features to Chrome Users

Security Features of VPN Chrome

Our VPN Chrome extension is more than a secure VPN for the internet. It's a blend of top-tier features designed to deliver a seamless, unrestricted, and secure browsing journey:

1. Auto Protection: Set it and forget it. X-VPN automatically stands guard on your pre-defined web pages.

2. Split Tunneling: Customize your browsing by selecting which apps and sites operate via the VPN, and which connect to the local network directly.

3. Kill Switch: Keep calm even during unexpected VPN disconnections. This feature instantly severs your internet connection, ensuring your data remains secure anytime.

4. VPN Protocol: X-VPN's unique and advanced obfuscation technology can fool even the most stringent network filters, helping bypass VPN blocks, providing you with a reliable connection, consistently.

5. Fastest Server Access: X-VPN maximizes your connectivity by automatically picking the fastest VPN servers based on your location.

6. Expanded Network: Dive into a seamless global browsing experience with access to our network of over 8000 servers across 60+ countries.

Global VPN servers

Why You Need a VPN for Chrome?

1. Safeguard Your Browsing Privacy

X-VPN for Chrome ensures your online activities remain private. We provide robust encryption for your data, protecting your browsing activities from ISPs, advertisers, and potential hackers. You can comfortably verify this using our free IP Checker tool.

2. Seamless Streaming Experience

Try the best VPN for streaming with unrestricted access to major streaming platforms. Whether you're a fan of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, or Amazon Prime, X-VPN ensures a quick and smooth streaming experience, free of buffering and lags.

3. Protection Against WebRTC and DNS Leaks

X-VPN comes with powerful WebRTC and DNS Leak Protection. This prevents any potential exposure of your IP address and DNS requests, keeping your browsing activity private from your ISP. Our WebRTC leak test tool and DNS leak test are available to check your connection's security.

4. Avoid ISP Throttling

Suffering from slowed-down internet caused by ISP throttling? With X-VPN, you can escape such speed limitations and ensure your browsing and streaming activities continue uninterrupted at optimal speeds.

5. Bypass Censorship and VPN Blocks

Whether it's regional restrictions or VPN blocks, X-VPN enables you to access the entirety of the internet freely and without limitations. Navigate the web without constraints, no matter where you are.

How to Set Up VPN for Chrome Extension

Here's a quick guide to start your journey with our VPN Chrome extension:

1. Visit the X-VPN official website or Chrome Store.

2. Download our free VPN for Chrome.

3. Complete the installation to Chrome.

4. Add X-VPN and pin it to the top.

5. Voila! You're all set for safe, secure browsing!

X-VPN: Your Secure VPN Across Platforms

X-VPN for all devices

Our offerings go way beyond Chrome. With compatibility across multiple platforms, X-VPN guarantees your online security wherever you go:

- Free VPN for Mobile: iOS, Android

- Free VPN for PC: Mac, Windows

- VPN for TV: Amazon Firestick TV, Android TV, Apple TV

- VPN for Routers: ASUS, Linksys, Xiaomi, TP-Link, Huawei, D-Link, Netgear, including DD-WRT and Tomato among others

- VPN for Game Console: PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

- VPN for Linux

For an uncompromised secure browsing experience across any platform, join our global community today. Whether you're on mobile, PC, TV, router, game console, or Linux, we've got you covered. For seamless and easy installation of X-VPN, visit our free download VPN page.


The rollout of our latest X-VPN Chrome extension embodies our promise to always improve and provide an equal VPN experience across all platforms.

This update aligns with Google's latest security policies and development requirements to protect your browsing rights from being misused. Consequently, we've removed features like Adblocker and tracker blocker, banned by Google. We've ensured critical VPN security features like Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and Auto Protection are present in this upgrade.

For every user's convenience, we've introduced a completely free VPN service, offering a risk-free trial. We're grateful for your continued support and encourage you to try our new X-VPN Chrome extension. Safeguard your browsing and enjoy a secure, stable VPN connection.

X-VPN free download