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ChatGPT 4o and ChatGPT 4: Features and How to Use for Free

May 24, 2024   |   7 mins
ChatGPT 4o and ChatGPT 4: Features and How to Use for Free

ChatGPT-4 can be called the apex of AI language models, yet on May 13th, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT-4o, a new variant promising to usher in a new AI era with superior speech and text interaction capabilities compared to its predecessor.

For those unfamiliar with these 2 models, we'll offer in-depth reviews, tutorials on how to use ChatGPT-4o, and more tips.

Also, please feel free to navigate directly to your topics of interest using the table of contents below. Now, let's dive in!

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Table of contents

What Is ChatGPT-4o?

On May 13th, OpenAI officially announced the launch of its latest flagship generative AI model, GPT-4o. The release of this all-in-one model heralds another leap forward in AI technology, bringing unlimited possibilities for future human-computer interaction experiences.

gpt-4o conference

If you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, you'll be able to see OpenAI's descriptions of the 3 models currently available; GPT 4 is described as an advanced model for complex tasks, while GPT 4o officially holds the title of the newest, most advanced model.

GPT-4o, with "omni" indicating omnipotence, handles any combination of text, audio, and image inputs and outputs, offering the same intelligence as GPT-4 Turbo but twice as fast and half the cost. Compared to the previous version, it converses with the user basically without delay, listens, nags, and is also good at reading people, making it amazing to see that the new version of ChatGPT is only lacking a physical body compared to a human.

In addition, OpenAI has come together with Apple to launch a desktop-level app for macOS. The innovative initiative also enables users to be more flexible and fully integrate ChatGPT with their lives and work to maximize efficiency.

Now, let's take a detailed look at those amazing features of ChatGPT-4o.

The Features of ChatGPT 4o

In traditional benchmarks, the GPT-4o achieves comparable performance to the GPT-4 level in text, inference, and coding, but it is a complete game changer in the AI world with the following three areas.

・Response Time

GPT-4o is able to respond to audio input as fast as 232ms, with an average response time of 320ms, which is almost as close to the response time of a human in a real-life conversation.

It means ChatGPT-4o can respond to questions in real time, no longer with a 2-3s time lag. Meanwhile, users can interrupt the chatbot at any time, without having to wait for it to finish its sentence as before. It can be said that this ability greatly enhances the sense of realism that ChatGPT-4o can bring to a person.

・Real-time Voice

Real-time voice is the biggest highlight of ChatGPT-4o. We can easily see from the OpenAI demonstrated videos that ChatGPT-4o has made significant progress in voice output - it sounds significantly "better at chatting".

ChatGPT-4o can sense human emotions, for example, if the demonstrator is breathing heavily, it will ask the person if he needs to stabilize their mood a bit. During a delay-free chat, ChatGPT-4o can change its tone of voice exactly according to the atmosphere, throw in a few jokes from time to time, use a tone carrying a hint of laughter, and even allow users to generate different styles of voice.

・Vision Functions

The vision function of the ChatGPT-4o has also been fully evolved. It is able to help users solve problems in real time through the device camera, but instead of telling you the exact answer.  GPT 4o really acts like a tutor, giving you some hints at the right time and taking you along with it out of the fog of thinking.

chatgpt 4o vision function demonstration

Although the function of ChatGPT-4o is still far from perfect, its release has already brought great shock to people. We can't help but expect - could the plot of the movie Her really be played out in real life?

moive her

How Much Is ChatGPT 4o?

Fortunately, ChatGPT-4o is currently free to the public.

OpenAI says that they have always made it their mission to make advanced AI tools available to as many people as possible, and have opened up access to a large number of GPT-4o features for free users, including data analysis, browse, vision, and file uploads.

Free users will use GPT 4o for conversations by default, but the number of messages they can send will be limited. The limit is not specified at the moment, but officials say it will be flexible based on current usage and demand.

When the free credit runs out, GPT 3.5 will be its replacement. But also, you can also upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for $20 to get five times more messages.

gpt-4o limit

ChatGPT 4 vs. ChatGPT 4o: What’s the Difference?

As mentioned before, ChatGPT-4o has the same level of logic, creativity, and text output than ChatGPT-4, but ChatGPT-4o is more powerful in the following aspects.

・Voice Mode: While ChatGPT-4 includes a voice feature, offering a level of interactivity akin to an advanced Siri, ChatGPT-4o resembles a real person more closely, with the ability to discern and convey emotions, and to respond almost instantaneously.

・Speed: ChatGPT-4o is twice as fast as ChatGPT-4, which means it can respond to users faster.

・Pricing: ChatGPT-4o is free for everyone, while ChatGPT-4 requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus to use it. And when buying extra credits, ChatGPT-4o is 50% cheaper than ChatGPT-4.

・Vision: According to the official OpenAI evaluation, it is concluded that the vision capability of GPT 4o is better than GPT 4 Turbo in all aspects.

・Multi-language Support: ChatGPT-4o supports non-English languages more. Currently, ChatGPT supports more than 50 language packs in total.

How to Access and Use ChatGPT 4o?

To access and use ChatGPT-4o, please follow the detailed tutorial below.

🔥For free users:

Free users can use GPT 4o by default for conversations with a limited number of messages after registering and logging into their OpenAI account.

But as of the upload of this blog, ChatGPT-4o has only opened the access to ChatGPT Plus users. So you can wait patiently for the official update, or just subscribe your plan now.

🔥For ChatGPT Plus users:

Step 1. Navigate to the ChatGPT window.

Step 2. Click the Model option on the top screen, and select GPT-4o.

select gpt-4o

Step 3. Now you can enjoy ChatGPT-4o with great ease.

Please note: ChatGPT Plus users will be able to send up to 80 messages every 3 hours on GPT-4o.

ChatGPT Unblocked: How to Unblock ChatGPT 4 and 4o?

OpenAI is dedicated to broadening access to AI for users and is actively pursuing greater geographic diversity in its operations. However, ChatGPT has not yet reached global availability.

If you are facing the "Unsupported country" note while signing up to ChatGPT, you can check its Supported Countries and Territories List and wait for the update, or just follow the method we provide to unblock ChatGPT easily with a VPN service.

With the aid of a VPN, users can successfully unblock ChatGPT by hiding their real IP address and routing traffic to other regions, ChatGPT-supported regions or countries. And the X-VPN, which has 8000+ servers in 225 regions will be a good choice. Also, if your school or work banned ChatGPT on Wifi networks, X-VPN can unblock the access too.

Now follow the simple 3 steps, and get ChatGPT unblocked efficiently.

Step 1. Get a VPN download on your PC or phone.

Step 2. Connect a VPN server to a country that ChatGPT supports.

Step 3. Navigate to the ChatGPT website and sign in again.

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Pro Tips: Are ChatGPT 4o and 4 Safe to Use?

As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, people enjoy the convenience of AI assistants but also worry about their safety and whether ChatGPT collects personal data.

In fact, according to OpenAI's official Security terms, ChatGPT 4o and 4 are safe to use.

💡OpenAI states that they have been adhering to strict security regulations and have taken the following security measures to prevent security risks from arising.

・Undergoes an annual assessment by a third-party security audit institute to ensure that the API complies with the SOC 2 Type 2 standard.

・Invite security researchers, technology enthusiasts, etc. to participate in the Bug Bounty Program and report security issues.

💡Meanwhile, OpenAI has also made a statement about the data issues that users are worried about.

・ChatGPT will not actively train models with personal information and will reduce the likelihood of models generating responses that contain personal info.

・Users' personal data will not be publicized or sold.

・All models will not store messages sent by users in a database.

・Users can request to delete chats at any time.

ChatGPT offers robust security for user peace of mind, but for those prioritizing privacy and concerned about data leaks, using a tool like X-VPN can further enhance security.

X-VPN boasts exceptional security features that strictly encrypt your data through a tunnel, thoroughly ensuring your anonymity while surfing the web. No matter where, how and what you send to ChatGPT, it will all be made untraceable by X-VPN.

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This blog offers a comprehensive look at ChatGPT-4o and ChatGPT-4. Please utilize X-VPN to unblock ChatGPT, explore the realm of AI securely, and expect that we will usher in a new era where human-computer interaction is more intelligent, natural and efficient.


Is ChatGPT 4 worth it?

Yes, ChatGPT-4 is worth it. ChatGPT-4 possesses extremely strong reasoning skills, creativity, professionalism and broad knowledge. You can even interact with it in a variety of ways through text, images and voice. If you often need a hand to solve problems, it's worth paying $20 a month for a powerful AI assistant.

How to get ChatGPT 4o?

Upon the full launch of ChatGPT-4o, it will become the default for free users, but with limited messages. After reaching this cap, the system will revert to GPT-3.5. ChatGPT Plus subscribers, on the other hand, will have the flexibility to select between GPT-4/4o/3.5 and will receive a quota of GPT-4o messages that is five times greater than that of free users.