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7 Best 100% Free VPNs for Mac in 2024: Safe & Fast

Jun 20, 2024   |   11 mins
7 Best 100% Free VPNs for Mac in 2024: Safe & Fast

Hunting for a dependable free VPN for Mac but concerned about sluggish speeds, data breach risk, and restrictive bandwidth caps? No worries, we’ve discovered the top 7 free Mac VPNs that can ensure cost-free surfing with fast speed, robust security, and few data limits.

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Top 7 Free VPNs for Mac in 2024

To enhance your online experience on your Mac for free, here we have listed the 7 best VPNs for Mac in 2024:

X-VPN - Best Mac VPN Overall.

Proton VPN - Best Mac VPN for Security.

Hide. me - Best Mac VPN for Torrenting.

Hotspot Shield - Best Mac VPN for Streaming.

TunnelBear - Best Mac VPN for Beginners.

Windscribe - Best Mac VPN for Unlimited Features.

Avira Phantom VPN - Best Mac VPN for Free Server Locations.

Without any further ado, let's dive straight into the details!

X-VPN - Best Mac VPN Overall

xvpn for mac

X-VPN is the #1 overall recommended free VPN for Mac on our list, as it leads most of its competitors in security, speed, performance, and user support.

The provider offers a rare free version with no account required and unlimited bandwidth. It uses cutting-edge encryption and a strict no-log policy to ensure surfing anonymity and user privacy. While advanced VPN features are limited for free users, the provided security is sufficient to protect against snooping.

And in functionality, X-VPN excels. Its self-developed Everest protocol combines speed and excellent unlocking capabilities, making it the top VPN for Netflix and other streaming. You can view all content across geo-restrictions on your MacBook, and even with video quality up to 4k, X-VPN will ensure smooth playback.

Also, X-VPN is perfect for Apple loyal fans, supporting macOS, iOS, and Apple TV, and allowing up to 5 simultaneous connections for seamless protection.

However, the biggest limitation of the product at the moment is that its free version doesn't support user-selected server locations yet, but X-VPN automatically assigns the nearest server from over 1,000 free options to minimize speed loss.


Free Servers1000+ Free Servers in 10+ Countries(Auto-connect to the nearest 1)
CompatibilityMac, iOS, Apple TV, Windows, Android, Chrome, etc.
Data LimitUnlimited Bandwidth
SpeedFast and Stable
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
Connections5 Devices


・Best free VPN for PC with high-level security and ultra-fast speed.

・Unlimited data and bandwidth for free users.

・User-friendly UI, suitable for beginners.

・No personal info is needed for free use.

・Rich VPN protocols to support diverse application scenarios, like OpenVPN, Wireguard.

・Provides a Premium plan for advanced users.

・24/7 Support & 30-Day Guarantee.


・Advanced features are limited.

・Can’t select the free server locations.


・Free Version

・Monthly: $11.99

・6-month plan: $59.94/year - $9.99/mon

・One-year plan: $71.99/year - $5.99/mon

All in all, X-VPN is the best free VPN for Mac users right now. Click the button below to download X-VPN on your macOS, and make your surfing safer, happier, and smoother.

download xvpn

Proton VPN - Best Mac VPN for Security

proton vpn

Proton VPN stands out in our list for its extreme security and privacy.

Based in Switzerland, known for its strict privacy laws, Proton VPN uses advanced protocols like OpenVPN and 256-bit AES encryption to ensure secure, private internet access. Under Swiss regulations, Proton VPN's promise not to retain any user data is also more credible.

The provider's free version, like X-VPN, has no ads or traffic restrictions but comes with some significant drawbacks. Proton VPN is highly compatible but allows free Mac users to connect only one device. It offers 5 free servers in mainstream countries, but users can only connect to the nearest one and experience significant speed limitations.

Overall, if your main goal in using a VPN is to create a secure and private internet environment for free on your MacBook, then Proton VPN is a good choice.


Free Servers5 Free Servers (Only connect to the nearest one)
CompatibilityMac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chromebook, Linux, etc.
Data LimitUnlimited Data
SpeedDecent But Not Fast
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
ConnectionOnly 1 Device


・Has a secure core architecture that enhances the security of the user.

・Provides unlimited bandwidth.

・All apps are open-source and audited.

・Easy-to-use UI design.

・Reliable VPN for Netflix which can bypass sophisticated censorship.


・Limited VPN features and speed.

・Only 1 connection.

・No selected free servers.


・Free Version

・Monthly: $10.86/mon

・One-year plan: $130.13/year

Hide. me - Best Mac VPN for Torrenting

hide me vpn
Hide.me is also one of the few free VPNs for Mac with excellent capabilities, and gains ground on our list with its torrenting features.

Hide.me VPN allows torrenting and does not limit the type of traffic. While free users won't be able to enjoy faster downloading, the VPN is always able to complete torrenting reliably.

As for security, Hide.me also features strong encryption technology to prevent any unauthorized access, mask IP addresses, and keep history confidential. Meanwhile, the provider uses Bolt technology, which allows it to get faster connection speeds and makes it friendly for Mac users who like gaming and streaming.

Of course, compared to its competitors, Hide.me offers unlimited data, but it also only allows users to use one device and has speed limitations that cannot be ignored. However, for fans of torrenting, the 8 free servers and stable performance offered by Hide.me VPN are still competitive advantages.


Free Servers8
CompatibilitymacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.
Data LimitUnlimited Data
SpeedDecent But Not Fast
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
ConnectionOnly 1 Device


・Unlimited bandwidth.

・Provides a torrent-friendly environment.

IP Leak Protection for robust privacy.

・24/7 live support


・No more advanced features.

・Only 1 connection.

・Limited speed.


・Free Version

・Monthly: $9.95/mon

・One-year plan: $45/year

Hotspot Shield - Best Mac VPN for Streaming

hotspot shield vpn

Hotspot Shield offers a VPN service that balances security and functionality, and comes in an attractive free version for users who like to watch streaming videos through Macs.

The product uses its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol to provide secure connections for streaming, downloading, gaming, and more. If users want to access streaming libraries from other regions, Hotspot Shield can bypass firewalls and hardly be detected by platforms.

On the downside, free users of Hotspot Shield can only connect one device at a time and are limited to servers located in the United States. Additionally, free users are allocated just 500MB of bandwidth per day.

Fortunately, macOS users don't face such data limitations - they can use the VPN to stream videos without worry. However, be warned that Hotspot Shield may disappoint in terms of speed, as free users are restricted to 2Mbps.


Free ServersUS-based Servers Only
CompatibilityMac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, etc.
Data Limit500 MB/day, but Unlimited for macOS users.
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
ConnectionOnly 1 Device


・Focus on high-speed connections.

・No data limitation for Mac users.

・Easy access to streaming services

・Malware protection for added security


・Ad-supported free version.

・No standout security functions.

・Slow speed for free users.

・Only US-based servers.


・Free Version

・Monthly: $12.99/mon

・One-year plan: $95.88/year

TunnelBear - Best Mac VPN for Beginners


With its colorful UI design and 23 free global servers, TunnelBear is considered one of the best VPNs for beginners.

TunnelBear offers all features without restrictions, providing an easy-to-use VPN that simplifies complex technologies. Even first-time users can quickly access advanced features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection with just one click.

As a free VPN, TunnelBear also makes a significant commitment to security. It uses standard AES 256-bit encryption and proprietary GhostBear technology to protect user data and hide VPN traffic to maximize network anonymity.

Mac users can use TunnelBear to surf with the best web browsers anonymously or unblock websites on unlimited Apple devices. However, it only offers 2GB/mon, with an option to upgrade to unlimited data for $3.30/mon.

This makes TunnelBear unsuitable for regular VPN use, but it's ideal for light, secure browsing.


Free Servers23
CompatibilitymacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, etc.
Data Limit2 GB/mon
SpeedDecent But Not Fast
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
ConnectionUnlimited Device


・User-friendly bear-themed UI design.

・Unlimited simultaneous connections.

・Users have the same access to all features.

・Strong VPN features to build high-level security.


・Only 2GB of free data per month.

・Poor Customer Support.

・Limited advanced VPN functions.

・Weak ability to unblock streaming.


・Free Version

・$3.33/mon for unlimited data.

Windscribe - Best Mac VPN for Unlimited Features


Windscribe joins our recommended list for Mac users with its 11 free servers, generous data allowance, and unlimited feature usage.

Unlike most free VPNs, Windscribe offers the same features to both free and paid users. Mac users can establish a secure internet environment with standard encryption and rich VPN protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Windscribe offers 10GB of monthly data, which is sufficient for most users, though it doesn't provide unlimited bandwidth like X-VPN or Proton VPN. Mac users can use it on all devices with a single account and can upgrade for $3/mon if you exceed their data limit.

Note, however, that you can only get 10GB of free data when you sign up for a Windscribe account using an email. If email is not provided, then users will only get 2GB per month.


Free Servers11
CompatibilitymacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Browsers, etc.
Data Limit10 GB/mon
SpeedDecent But Not Fast
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
ConnectionUnlimited Devices


・Same features to both free and paid users

・10 GB of free data per month.

・Offers the R.O.B.E.R.T. Blocker, a tool that integrates multiple security features.

・Unlimited simultaneous connections.


・Limited powerful VPN features.

・Poor customer support.

・Does not perform well at speed.

・Requires users to provide email info to get more traffic.


・Free Version

・Monthly: $9/mon

・One-year plan: $69/year

Avira Phantom VPN - Best Mac VPN for Free Server Locations

avira phantom vpn

Avira Phantom VPN is our final recommendation for a free Mac VPN. Unlike the previous six products, Avira offers free Mac users access to over 1400 servers worldwide, making it unique.

Avira is a well-known cybersecurity company. As a product under its umbrella, Avira Phantom VPN also values user security and privacy. It does not track and log any of your online activities and has industry-standard measures to protect users from cyber risks.

Avira Phantom VPN supports unlimited devices and provides access to 1400 servers globally, enhancing flexibility and geo-restriction bypassing. However, it suffers from significant speed loss, and free users are limited to 500MB/mon. Registering an account adds an extra 500MB, but the total 1GB monthly data cap is still insufficient for streaming.


Free Servers1400+
CompatibilitymacOS, iOS, Windows, Android
Data Limit500 MB - 1 GB/mon
SecurityHigh-level Security with No-log Policy
ConnectionUnlimited Devices


・Free access to 1400 servers in 37 countries.

・Unlimited devices.

・Simple and easy-to-use UI for macOS users.

・Reliable security and privacy protection.


・Slow speed.

・Only 500MB-1GB of free data per month.

・No advanced VPN features.

・Poor streaming unblocking ability.


・Free Version

・Monthly: $10/mon

・One-year plan: $78/year

Quick Comparison Table of Free Mac VPNs

comparision table of free mac vpns

After reviewing the table above, it's clear why X-VPN stands out as the best free VPN for Mac. While it may have limited server selection, X-VPN shines in security, privacy protection, speed, data cap, and unlocking capabilities.

Just download it and hit the Quick Connection without signing in, you can get a superior internet experience without spending a dime.

💡If you have no clear idea about how to use a VPN, just read this guide blog.

use xvpn for free on mac

For advanced features, consider upgrading to X-VPN's premium plan, and enjoy benefits like 8000+ servers worldwide, streaming unblocking, dedicated servers, split tunneling, etc.

Click below to explore more of X-VPN's premium plan. And sure, 30-day money-back guarantee, 0 risk!

try xvpn premium plan

How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Mac?

If our top 7 picks don't quite hit your mark, no worries. You can always find a VPN for your MacBook that perfectly matches your unique needs and preferences.

But, please do remember to consider these below key factors when selecting.

・Security: Ensure the free VPN uses strong encryption protocols and effectively blocks cyber threats.

・Privacy: Opt for a provider with a strict no-log policy to protect your private data.

・Number of Servers: Although free VPNs have limited server locations, ensure they meet your needs.

・Data Limit: Choose a VPN that provides enough free bandwidth for your usage.

・Performance: Prioritize VPNs that can stream across regions, indicating speed, stability, and the great ability to unlock sites.

・Compatibility: For Apple ecosystem users, seeking a free VPN that supports Mac, iOS, and Apple TV will bring high benefits.

・Premium Plan: Consider a free VPN with a premium plan for future upgrades beyond basic needs.

・Product Reputation: Research user reviews and expert recommendations for insights into its reliability and performance.

Picking the best free VPN for Mac can be a challenge, but by meeting the criteria above, you'll be able to find the greatest one for your MacBook.


Free VPNs often have limitations compared to paid services. However, we have identified the 7 best 100% free VPNs for Mac that excel in security, performance, speed, and overall usability. Among these, X-VPN stands out as the most powerful, offering Mac users a smooth, fast, and secure internet experience.

You can choose the one that suits you best through our detailed review, or just hit the yellow button to experience the amazing features of X-VPN right away!

free download xvpn


Is there a 100% free VPN for Mac?

Yes, there are 100% free VPNs for Macs. In this blog, we've selected 7 truly free VPNs for Mac, with no trial periods or upfront payments. These free products have some limitations but can offer reliable security and encryption, shielding privacy and security. They also provide extra VPN features and a user-friendly UI design, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. You can read the full blog and find the most suitable one.

Is It Safe to Use a Free VPN for Mac?

To be honest, it depends. Some free VPNs from unreputable companies may compromise your privacy and security through malware, bandwidth limitations, security vulnerabilities, data logging, and selling your information. But also, there do exist many reliable providers who are keeping on bringing excellent and safe VPN services to users at no cost. So it’s important for you to distinguish the quality of free products based on the standards we provided in this blog.

How to get a VPN on Mac for free?

You can get a VPN on your Mac for free by downloading X-VPN, which excels with outstanding performance and industry-leading security. It supports Mac, iOS, and Apple TV, making it ideal for Apple fans. As a free product, X-VPN provides fast server connections for free users and is also good at masking their IP addresses to bypass geo-restrictions. Reading the above content will provide more info.