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How to Play Google Memory Game? 2024 Newest Guide!

May 31, 2024   |   8 mins
How to Play Google Memory Game? 2024 Newest Guide!

Google Memory Game is a classic memory-enhancing game created by Google that offers both cognitive benefits and entertainment. Yet, over time, a variety of puzzle games aimed at memory training has expanded, causing the original Google Memory Game to become somewhat eclipsed by alternatives.

This blog will provide an in-depth look at Google Memory Game, review the current top memory games, and offer valuable strategies for tackling these kinds of puzzles.

Now buckle up—we're about to embark on an informative adventure!

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Table of contents

What Is Google Memory Game?

Memory games, with deep roots in various cultures worldwide, have consistently hinged on the player's ability to remember specific elements to progress through levels. As time has advanced and digital technology has evolved, these games have surged into popularity. Among them, Google Memory Game came to the forefront at that time.

Google Memory Game features a minimalist graphic centered around 4 animated sea creatures: a yellow fish, a green turtle, a red octopus, and a blue jellyfish.

google memory game

The gameplay requires players to recall the order of sounds made by these characters each round to pass the level. With progression, multiple AI algorithms dynamically generate more complex levels, ramping up the difficulty and attraction.

The Google Memory Game merges interactive elements with modern technology, building on the core mechanics of memory games to offer players an engaging gaming experience that can exercise abilities. Also, its compatibility with both web browsers and mobile devices has enabled this simple yet addictive gameplay to quickly gain remarkable hits.

How to Access Google Memory Game?

To access Google Memory Game was very simple, in the old days, all you had to do was open Google Chrome and type its name in the search box to find the right game page quickly. But with Google and other platforms releasing other memory games, Google Memory Game has faded away from the front results page.

But don't worry, we found the access for you.

Step 1. Enter this URL into your browser: https://g.co/kgs/QuwqkvH, and head to it.

Step 2. Hit the Play button to start a memory game.

access google memory game

Also, you can access this game through other web-based gaming platforms.

Step 1. Navigate to the Popular Google Doodle Games website with a browser.

Step 2. Find the Google Memory Game on the sidebar.

find the google memory game

Step 3. Now hit the picture of 4 animated sea creatures to start the gameplay.

hit the image to start

These kinds of web-based game platforms are integrated with many interesting web games, and you can find more fun than just Google Memory Game.

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How to Play Google Memory Game?

To play the Google Memory Game, you can follow the detailed tutorial we provided below.

Step 1. Access the Google Memory Game and hit the Play icon to start it.

start playing google memory game

Step 2. The 4 critters will make a sound randomly with their movement. Click the animals in the order they vocalize to pass each level.

Note: The musical note in the upper left indicates your score, with each correct order memorized earning a point.

click the animals in order

Step 3. The game will end if you click the animals in the wrong order. Hit the button to play again.

play again

Memory Games Alternatives

Google Memory Game is classic, but it's also limited by an overly simple page design and dated gameplay. So it has been overshadowed by numerous modern card-matching memory games.

Typically, these memory games feature uniquely illustrated cards, and players need to flip over within a time or attempt limit to find matching pairs.

Now let’s see the hottest memory games we picked for you.

Santa Tracker: Memory Match

santa tracker memory match

Santa Tracker is a Christmas-themed website launched by Google in 2004. It provides many web-based games and activities with Christmas elements, including the memory game - Memory Match, which consists of ten levels with increasing difficulty, where players must match all cards before time runs out.

Concentration: Match Game

concentration match game

Concentration: Match Game is a very classic and popular mobile app that currently has 1,000,000+ downloads on Google Play. Players have a limited time to match up the upside-down cards according to the picture. Compared to Google Memory Game and Santa Tracker, this game has a much richer photo gallery and offers a variety of gameplay options, including two-player mode.

Card Memory Match

card memory match

Card Memory Match is a Google Chrome extension that offers a minimalist game interface, utilizing a simple color palette of blue, grey, red, and white. Despite its lack of colorful elements, the game provides three levels of difficulty—Casual with 16 cards, Medium with 36 cards, and Hard with 64 cards—posing a significant challenge as players race against the clock to memorize and match the card positions.

Google Games Alternatives

In addition to Google Memory Game, Google has developed many classic mini-games that add a lot of fun to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Let's check the 3 Google games alternatives we recommended.

Google Tic-Tac-Toe

google tic-tac-toe

Imagine a battlefield where two legendary warriors, one wielding a mighty 'X' and the other brandishing a valiant 'O', face off in a timeless duel of wits and strategy. This is Google Tic-Tac-Toe, an ancient game of cunning that unfolds upon a 3x3 grid with intelligent AI and two-player modes, allowing all players to enjoy the fun of “War” in the most convenient way!

Google PAC-MAN

google pac-man

Google PAC-MAN is an exhilarating 80s arcade game that catapults you into a neon-lit maze, pulsing with retro synth beats and an ever-present sense of urgency. You are the PAC-MAN, an insatiable yellow disc, aiming to outmaneuver 4 relentless phantoms, chomping down dots and fruit for points, all while navigating the intricate twists and turns of the maze.

Google Snake

google snake

Google Snake game is a true classic that has taken the world by storm. In its digital world, you begin as a small, hungry reptile, slithering through a confined space with a singular goal: consume the apples to grow in length. But one false move—a collision with your own tail or the walls—and the journey ends.

Of course, besides these three popular games, you can also find more iconic Google games in the related game recommendations.

find more google games

Is Google Memory Game Safe to Play?

Playing the Google Memory Game is generally safe, but accessing it via some web-based platforms could pose dangers due to intrusive ads and pop-ups that may hide phishing links and malware. To safely enjoy online games, using a strong VPN is advisable to avoid surfing security risks.

A VPN can encrypt your surfing journey in encryption and mask your digital footprints, shielding your data and real location. Even if you hit a malicious link, a robust tool like X-VPN fortifies your online presence, keeping your info under wraps.

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Google Memory Game is definitely a classic icon of memory games, this blog has shown you all detailed guides about it. You can play Google Memory Game or other alternatives we picked to enhance your memory skills with pleasure, but do not forget to use X-VPN to keep the surfing secure!


What's a good score on Google Memory Game?

The good score on Google Memory Game is 10-20, the great score is 20-30, and if you got a 30+ score, that means you are truly good at memorizing.

Can you still play old Google games?

Yes, you can still play old Google games. You just need to search the game name with Chrome, and you will find its play access easily. But if you want to play games like Google Memory Game, which other memory games have replaced, you can see the website in this blog or just find it through some web-based game platforms.