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  • Top 30 SolarMovie Alternatives in 2024: Watch Movies Online

Top 30 SolarMovie Alternatives in 2024: Watch Movies Online

Jul 15, 2024   |   16 mins
Top 30 SolarMovie Alternatives in 2024: Watch Movies Online

SolarMovie is a go-to free site for hot movies and TV shows, but according to some legal factors, it's not accessible sometimes. Plus, visiting it without a high-quality VPN will face cyber risks.

But no worries. Let’s check out our top 30 SolarMovie alternatives that work in 2024 to ensure you never miss your favorite content without any interruption!

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What Is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is a popular, hassle-free streaming platform where you can watch movies, TV shows, and dramas online for free. Known for its high-definition video quality, SolarMovie offers a vast library of 10000+ movies worldwide, including the latest releases.

Unlike many other platforms, it requires no login or registration, allowing you to dive straight into your favorite content with just a simple search. With its user-friendly interface and no interruptions, SolarMovie provides a cinema-like experience right at your fingertips.


However, SolarMovie faces some legal issues for offering pirated content - we all know that. This led to the shutdown of its main site, leaving only mirror sites with constantly changing URLs.

That's why many people are looking for alternatives to SolarMovie. Fans of movies and TV shows never want to miss an update on their favorite series.

20 Best Sites Like SolarMovie: Free Online Streaming

When you can't access SolarMovie sometimes, here are 20 sites like SolarMovie to help you watch online streaming for free.

1. Tubi


🔥Visit: Tubi

🌏Area Served: US, Australia, Canada and Mexico

🎬Video Quality: 720p

Tubi is a popular streaming site known for its sleek design and vast library of over 20,000 free movies and TV shows. The best part? You don’t need to register or log in to start watching.

However, it does have a few downsides, like occasional ads and lower video quality. Also, Tubi is only available in the US, Australia, Canada and Mexico. If you’re outside these regions, you’ll need a VPN to bypass the restrictions and enjoy Tubi’s content.

💡Note: Keep reading, and we guide you on how to access SolarMovie from anywhere below.

2. 123Movies


🔥Visit: 123Movies

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

123Movies was a top free streaming site offering a vast library of movies and TV shows in HD quality, with fast upload speeds. Although its official site was ordered to shut down in 2018, thousands of 123Movies clones have been rolled out, allowing users to continue watching movies online for free.

However, there is a possibility that your ISP may block the site, you can use the free VPN below to avoid ISP monitoring and access any content successfully.

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💡Note: Is 123Movies safe? Read this blog to figure out.

3. HDToday


🔥Visit: HDToday

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

HDToday is a shine streaming site boasting 400000+ free videos across rich genres. It offers HD movies with clear sound, all without requiring an account. Despite its occasional slow loading, HDToday remains a standout site like SolarMovie due to its vast library and strong performance.

But although it claims no ads, pop-up windows may appear while browsing. Close them and avoid clicking on any ads, especially without a VPN.

4. Soap2Day


🔥Visit: Soap2Day

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: Up to 4K

Like 123Movies, Soap2Day faced a crackdown by global anti-piracy organizations, with its main site closing in June 2023. However, numerous mirror sites have emerged, maintaining Soap2Day's offerings of free streaming videos, including movies, TV shows, and sports events in up to 4K quality. These mirrors ensure high compatibility across devices like phones, tablets, computers, and TVs.

Also, you can discover new content with Soap2Day AI-Powered Recommender, a tool trained in the IMDB database that will recommend movies and TV shows that suit your tastes based on your viewing bias.

💡Note: You can read this blog to discover the Top 10 Soap2Day Alternatives That Work Today.

5. Hurawatch


🔥Visit: Hurawatch

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

Hurawatch is also one of the most preferred free streaming platforms. Users can find a wide variety of free movies and series on its website, whether they are classics or newly released movie content. In addition to its extensive library, Hurawatch supports movie downloads, CC subtitles in multiple languages, multiplier playback, and many other premium features. You can even use its 24/7 customer service to make sure you get the best user experience.

However, the downside of the site remains the presence of some pop-up ads. Although these small windows have very clear close buttons, they are always annoying.

💡Note: Check this blog, and you will get more info about the 25 Best Hurawatch Alternatives.

6. Popcornflix


🔥Visit: Popcornflix

🌏Area Served: US and Canada

🎬Video Quality: 1080p

Compared to other sites like SolarMovie, Popcornflix stands out with its exceptional user interface design. As soon as you enter the homepage, you'll be impressed by the clean navigation and well-organized menus, featuring larger fonts and images that create a cinema-like experience.

While its resource library is not the largest, Popcornflix distinguishes itself with dedicated apps for smart TVs and mobile devices. But this platform is only available in the US and Canada, you should change your IP address with a top VPN for streaming to access it from other regions.

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7. WatchSeries


🔥Visit: WatchSeries

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

As its name suggests, WatchSeries offers users from all countries a rich collection of series, including TV series, cartoons, theatrical blockbusters, and more. This alternative has the same qualities as SolarMovies, always keeping its library up-to-date and ensuring that users can discover new content on its site every day.

WatchSeries also features a beautiful homepage design and user-friendly menu navigation. You can even stay on top of streaming trends with its regularly updated Most Viewed list. However, random mouse clicks can occasionally open blank tabs, which is a demerit.

8. Xumo Play

xumo play

🔥Visit: Xumo Play

🌏Area Served: US and Canada

🎬Video Quality: Up to 4K

Xumo Play shines by offering a rich blend of on-demand and live content and boasting over 300 channels and more than 10000 videos at no cost. With no sign-in required, users can dive into its vast library and enjoy popular movies and shows in stunning resolutions up to 4K. This SolarMovie alternative is best for TV or mobile users - you can easily download the app from the App Store, ensuring a seamless streaming experience on the go.

However, it's important to note that Xumo Play enforces strict geo-restrictions, currently available only to residents of the US and Canada.

9. Pluto TV

pluto tv

🔥Visit: Pluto TV

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: 1080p

Pluto TV is a rapidly growing free streaming platform with over 68 million subscribers. It features major national channels and provides a vast array of on-demand content and hundreds of live TV channels, including CNN, NBC, and Paramount.

Accessible in the US, Latin America, and many Europe countries, Pluto TV offers dedicated apps for seamless access to its extensive library anytime, anywhere. If you're outside these regions, learning how to use a VPN can help you access Pluto TV's content.

10. Flixrave


🔥Visit: Flixrave

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

Flixrave is a fresh and innovative streaming site that offers a vast array of films and series across numerous genres, all for free. Just like other alternatives to SolarMovie, it does not require account creation, providing a joyful seamless streaming experience. With its intuitive interface, users can easily explore content by using filter options in the search bar, tailoring their viewing choices effortlessly.

However, while the site has no ads and no pop-ups, its playback page can be slow to load and may sometimes redirect users to third-party sites when clicking on movie covers.

11. Fmovies


🔥Visit: Fmovies

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: 1080p

Fmovie is a special alternative to SolarMovie, perfect for streaming enthusiasts with their unique viewing preferences. It offers an easy-to-use interface and delivers excellent video quality at 1080p. You can use the search box to find your favorite videos or accept Fmovie's personalized movie recommendations through advanced algorithms.

Sure, this site like SolarMovie is not free of drawbacks. You need to put up with some ads during video playback while you enjoy its high-quality free service. However, to prevent any risk that phishing can bring, please don't click on any ad page without connecting to a VPN.

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12. Bmovies


🔥Visit: Bmovies

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

Bmovies, like SolarMovie, has no qualms about sharing free HD video resources to global users. Without registration, you can find multiple genres of movies from its extensive library or just search for a specific movie according to your preference. Note that Bmovies also offers multiple servers. If you experience lag during playback, you can always switch servers for the smoothest viewing experience.

However, as the image shows, this SolarMovie alternative is not ad-free. You can see inserted ads in various areas of its page and encounter some pop-ups.

13. MoviesJoy


🔥Visit: MoviesJoy

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

MoviesJoy is a free streaming service with a minimalist UI design that allows users to watch and download any video content they like to watch. It offers the same update service and compatibility as SolarMovie, allowing you to seamlessly watch the latest movies and TV shows on multiple devices every day.

The platform continues to roll out more new features that benefit the viewing experience and promises that users' data is protected from theft and extortion. However, online info security is always of utmost importance, so never be tempted to move the mouse by the ads popping up in the upper right corner.

14. Movies4U


🔥Visit: Movies4U

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

Unlike other alternatives to SolarMovie, Movies4U seems uncompetitive. Its pages lack design elements and eye-catching colors, and the video resources don't seem to be in line with current trends. But the real strength of Movies4U is that it focuses more on independent movies, boutique movies, and classic old movies. This is a temptation that many seasoned movie enthusiasts and niche film fans will find irresistible.

For sure, Movies4U has support for the latest content. It offers a dedicated Telegram channel and updates new TVs and movies regularly.

15. YesMovies


🔥Visit: YesMovies

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

YesMovies is a website that offers free HD movies and TV shows to watch and download online without creating an account. It boasts a simple-to-use interface and over 25 genres, catering to streaming enthusiasts of all ages. Users can quickly find their favorite videos using a variety of filtering options or explore worldwide movies based on country/region.

However, be aware that YesMovies contains numerous pop-up ads, which can expose you to malware risks. To protect your privacy, consider using VPN security features or an ad blocker.

16. YTS


🔥Visit: YTS

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: Up to 4K

YTS is the most special SolarMovie alternative on our list. It provides free video resources to users worldwide, allowing them to stream a vast and diverse selection of movies and TV shows online, much like SolarMovie. However, YTS distinguishes itself by focusing on high-quality torrent download services, enabling users to get their favorite videos in resolutions up to 4K or in 3D format.

However, downloading torrents carries significant security risks, as your IP address and private data can be tracked and recorded by ISPs or other organizations. So please use X-VPN to encrypt your data before you start downloading anonymously.

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17. LookMovie


🔥Visit: LookMovie

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: 720p

LookMovie doesn't particularly stand out on our list. While it offers a wealth of resources and a straightforward interface, the video quality is limited to 720p, and users must watch advertisements to stream content for free.]

However, LookMovie remains popular among many viewers due to its rapid updates. It quickly uploads the latest movies and TV series in response to developments in the streaming market, satisfying the curiosity of most viewers. Therefore, if you want to watch the latest episodic content as soon as it's available, LookMovie is a suitable alternative to SolarMovie.

18. GoMovies


🔥Visit: GoMovies

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

GoMovies is a popular and long-established free streaming platform that offers a diverse source of movies and TV shows, focusing on Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters. Certainly, its support for globalized content is remarkable, as you can watch popular movies and TV shows from Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, and other countries. No subscription or download is required, you can find specific streaming videos precisely through filters.

Same as other sites like SolarMovie, GoMovies sometimes pop up ad windows - you need to be vigilant.

19. MyFlixer


🔥Visit: MyFlixer

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

MyFlixer is a comprehensive alternative to SolarMovie, boasting a library of over 10000 movies and TV series across a wide range of popular categories. In addition to offering ample watching options, it also supports HD video quality and delivers excellent sound. MyFlixer updates its library on a daily basis, so can stay current with trending titles via its recommendation list.

Unfortunately, MyFlixer is only available on the web and as an Android app, which doesn't allow for seamless viewing for all users.

20. XMovies8


🔥Visit: XMovies8

🌏Area Served: Global

🎬Video Quality: HD

Xmovies8 is a free streaming site with high-quality content, very similar to SolarMovie. You can find the latest movie releases, the highest-rated series, and the most-watched TV shows on the platform. Being one of the best SolarMovie alternatives, Xmovies8 also doesn't impose limitations on its users. Through its lightning-fast corresponding speed, you can find and play any HD movie you want to watch within seconds.

By using X-VPN or any ad blocker, you can avoid the risk of pop-up ads and watch movies from all over the world without interruption.

Free streaming sites can help reduce your expenses, but like SolarMovies, they are often shut down and can pose legal risks.

Instead, here are 10 legal alternatives to SolarMovies that offer superior services. (Sort by subscription price from lowest to highest.)

21. Hoster: Comprehensive Indian entertainment. Basis Plan: $3.59/mon

22. Peacock: Classic TV shows and sports events. Basis Plan: $5.99/mon

23. Netflix: Extensive original content. Basis Plan: $6.99/mon.

24. Hulu: Live and On-Demand content streaming. Basis Plan: $7.99/mon

25. Disney+: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars content. Basis Plan: $7.99/mon

26. Fubo: Live sports streaming. Basis Plan: $7.99/mon

27. Amazon Prime Video: Exclusive Amazon Originals. Basis Plan: $8.99/mon

28. Max: Premium HBO series and movies. Basis Plan: $9.99/mon

29. Apple TV Plus: Increasingly strong original content. Basis Plan: $9.99/mon

30. YouTube: Vast user-generated content. Basis Plan: $13.99/mon

💡But you can get the lowest YouTube Premium cost at only $0.73/mon, click the link!

Is SolarMovie Safe?

No, SolarMovie and its free alternatives are not safe.

Free streaming sites often have unclear terms of service, making it likely that your location info, browsing history, and other online data may be collected or sold. Additionally, sites like SolarMovie frequently display pop-up ads that can trick you into downloading malware or subject you to DDoS attacks.

Therefore, we strongly recommend subscribing to a safe and legal streaming service or using a premium VPN to protect your online privacy while watching free movies and TV shows.

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How to Access SolarMovie Alternative from Anywhere?

To access SolarMovies alternatives available only in certain regions, you'll need a VPN.

A VPN can unblock streaming platforms by masking your real IP address and routing your traffic through regions where the site is accessible.

For this tutorial, we'll use X-VPN, which offers top-notch security features and a global network of over 8000 servers, making it easy to unblock sites like SolarMovies from anywhere in the world.

Step 1. Hit the yellow button to get a VPN Download.

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Step 2. Connect to a server from a region not restricted by the streaming site.

connect to a server

Step 3. Navigate to the SolarMovie alternative and enjoy free movies.


In this blog, we recommend 30 SolarMovie alternatives with detailed reviews for you. But to unblock the geo-limitations and surf safely, it’s better to download X-VPN and check out this guide of 30 VPN features to employ its assets to the fullest.

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Is there a way to watch free movies?

Yes, there are many ways to watch free movies. You can navigate to some free streaming sites like SolarMovie, 123Movie, Soap2Day, and Hurawatch to get rich movies and TV show resources, and watch them online for free. But please note that all kinds of free streaming sites have some cyber risks and legal issues. So you’d better pay for the subscription, or just visit these free platforms with a VPN.

Is SolarMovie illegal?

In fact, whether SolarMovie illegal is depends on the specific laws in your region. In most countries and regions, sites like SolarMovie that offer pirated film and TV resources are illegal and subject to crackdowns by anti-piracy organizations. However, there are also countries that do not take formal legal measures against piracy. Therefore, before you decide to watch any pirated content, please check the legal requirements in your area.