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What is a VPN kill switch?

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
What is a VPN kill switch?

You are using your online banking app on your phone. To make it safer, you turn on your VPN. Unfortunately, your VPN connection suddenly drops, so you find your device running without the protect of VPN, and the hackers may have invaded your system, stealing your personal information.

While there are plenty of quality VPN options available, it is obvious that no service is perfect. For most VPN service, if the network connection drops, VPN will turn off automatically and the computer defaults back to the public IP address provided by the internet service provider(ISP). As a result, the users will be exposed to anyone meant to get their personal information. What is more dangerous, since the VPN service will turn off with the network fluctuation without proper precautions, the users may not even know if or when it happens.

To counteract this issue, X-VPN offers the “Kill Switch” feature.

How does a VPN Kill Switch work?

VPN Kill Switch works as it blocks all outgoing and incoming traffic when the internet connection drops for any reason. It is equipped with a set of special firewall rules where you can allow or block certain connections, no matter they are particular programs or particular IP address.

When a VPN Kill Switch works, it will monitor the internet connection frequently for any change of your IP address. Whenever your VPN connection drops, your IP address changes, and Kill Switch blocks your computer from reconnecting to the internet until you turn on your VPN again. Therefore, your data and IP address will be hidden well.

When do you need VPN kill switch?

• When you need to stay private

When you click the Kill Switch button, your VPN will constantly monitor your connection and prevent any unprotected access to the internet. When the VPN connection drops, it will disable your internet connection immediately so as to eliminate any risk of leaking your real IP address. In effect, you can always stay private online.

• When you need to stay anonymous

There are times when you need to stay always anonymous. For example, when you are browsing websites banned in your country, you need to connected to a VPN to change your location. And if the VPN connection drops, your real IP address will be exposed to the website manager, and your browsing will immediately be shun down with “no access”. Therefore, you need Kill Switch so that once your VPN connection drops, all the internet connection will be shut down, and you can hide your real location all the time.

How to open kill switch in X-VPN?

1. Open X-VPN without turning it on.

2. Click the left chart and get yourself into the Kill Switch page.

3. Read the cautions and tap to turn on the Kill Switch button. When the window pops up, choose “OK”.

4. Get back to the main interface and connect to X-VPN. Therefore, when your VPN connection drops, Kill Switch will shut down your internet connection and protect your IP address.

VPN users are concerned with reliability to improve their current service, And Kill Switch can be such a robust feature intended to prevent your VPN connection from accidental exposure of your real IP. It’s time to check and open your Kill Switch button.

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