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What is private search engine and should you use one?

Nov 14, 2023   |   6 mins
What is private search engine and should you use one?

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Which search engine do you use? Most likely, it's Google. In fact, more than 92% of internet users worldwide use it. But did you know that Google has had data breaches multiple times in the past five years? That's why you might be interested in using a private search engine. But what exactly is a private search engine?

What is a private search engine?

A private search engine is a search tool that prioritizes user privacy by not tracking or collecting data during searches. When you search for information on the internet, you may use a browser like Chrome, equipped with search engines like Google. Search engines can track your searches, tailoring ads and content based on your interests.

To maintain browsing privacy on your device, you can utilize incognito mode, creating a window where your search history remains unsaved, preventing others from seeing your activity. While incognito mode provides a level of privacy, it has limitations and can't ensure complete data collection avoidance. For enhanced privacy with no data collection, you can also opt for a private search engine. These search engines do not store your searches, ensuring your information isn't recorded or used for targeted ads.

Let's look at common examples:

BrowsersSearch enginesPrivate search engines

Why private search engine is better?

Here we list 4 reasons why it is more recommended to use a private search engine.

1. No Personal Data Tracking:

Private search engines prioritize anonymity, so it will not record any personal data about you, including but not limited to names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

2. No Searching History Stored:

Private search engines avoid storing your search history, ensuring each session is independent and leaving no trace of past searches.

3. No IP Address Stored:

By not storing IP addresses, private search engines enhance online security, preventing potential tracking or surveillance of your online activities.

4. No Targeted Advertising:

Private search engines break away from targeted ads, offering an ad-free experience focused solely on providing unbiased search results without compromising privacy.

So how does a private search engine achieve these goals? Let’s take a deeper look.

When you click on a new link, your search engine shares small pieces of information with the website you clicked on. Private search engines use clever techniques to prevent other websites from tracking your online activities. Take DuckDuckGo, for instance; it reroutes your click, making it impossible for the website to know how you discovered them. It's akin to a restaurant not knowing if you found them through a search for "restaurants near me" or "best restaurants in town."

Additionally, DuckDuckGo uses a variety of private features to enhance overall privacy. It uses Privacy Grade to identify when websites are tracking your data and send you reports on how many tracking requests were blocked as you browse. Moreover, DuckDuckGo presents the websites you click on in a special way that safeguards your personal information from being exposed.

However, not all private search engines work the same. You can find out about their methods and rules to make sure they won't expose your identity or track you online.

Overall, privacy search engines strictly limit the personal information they collect. This makes it an excellent choice for users who want to keep their data private.

Data StoragePrivate Search EngineIncognito Mode
No search queries
No IP addresses
No personally identifiable information
No online activities
No browsing history
No cookies

X-VPN's private browser with private search engine

While using a private search engine has its advantages, it's important to note that if you use it in a regular browser, your IP address (which includes your location and activity information) can still be seen and collected by the browser provider, such as Chrome. This means it's not entirely safe.

To maximize your online anonymity, utilize a combination of a VPN and private search engine. X-VPN's private browser automatically sets DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. When you close the browser or app, all your browsing history instantly disappears. This gives you peace of mind knowing that no one can snoop on your online activities. Your browsing history is cleared right away, keeping everything private and secure.

Also, by using a VPN, your internet traffic is securely rerouted through a VPN server. As a result, the IP address shown on the network is that of the VPN server, making your real IP address hidden, which prevents your browser provider as well as the ISP from identifying your actual whereabouts.

But there's more to X-VPN's Private Browser than just safe searching.

Check out the step-by-step guide to see how to use it correctly.

How to use X-VPN's private browser?

1. Open X-VPN and connect it to ensure your online activities are safe. Click on [Private Browser] in the lower left corner.

2. Search or type URL to visit the website of your choice.

3. Click [Settings] in the upper right corner and you can see more configurations.

4. In the [Search Engine] options, you will see that DuckDuckGO is used by default. But you can also switch to other search engines. It is worth noting that although Bing, Google and Amazon.com are not private search engines, the data will also be erased when you leave the app or the browser.

5. In the [Clean Browsing History] option, if you select [Leave browser], the data will be cleared immediately as long as you shut down the browser. If you select [Don’t clean anyway], you can still clear the data. All you need to do is to click the trash can logo in the lower right corner on the browser homepage (that is the interface of Step 2).

6. When you exit the browser, you will see the notice: Your browsing history has been erased. Reaching this step means that all the history you just browsed have been deleted.

By turning on X-VPN and using the private browser feature, you can enjoy a peaceful online experience free from worries about your data being stored or tracked. It's all about taking control of your internet journey and enjoying the freedom and privacy that X-VPN provides. Download X-VPN now and create your own digital place where privacy is the star of the show. Happy browsing.