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What is Double VPN and when do you need one?

Jan 05, 2024   |   4 mins
What is Double VPN and when do you need one?

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Double VPN is a functionality that employs two VPN servers instead of a single one. Referred to as multi-hop, this method of chaining VPN servers exposes you to enhanced security and privacy. However, most VPN providers don't offer this feature. Why isn't Double VPN more widely used? And in what scenarios will it show outstanding advantages? In this article, we will delve deeper into these questions.

What is Double VPN and how does it work?

A Double VPN, also known as a multi-hop, is an advanced feature within VPN configurations that directs internet traffic through two VPN servers instead of one. When the Double VPN feature is activated, your device first encrypts your traffic, sends it to a remote VPN server, and then routes it through a second server. This process doubly conceals your IP address and bolsters your online anonymity, making it tougher to trace your activities.

Despite its advantages, Double VPN isn't a standard offering. Many VPN providers don't include it, primarily due to its resource-intensive nature, potential slowdowns it can bring, and comparatively limited demand. However, the Double VPN can be a valuable tool for certain users, such as political activists or journalists handling sensitive issues, where increased security levels are crucial.

Therefore, it's essential to consider your specific needs when deciding whether to enable Double VPN. Let's now proceed to analyze the pros and cons of Double VPN in detail, and see under what circumstances it shines.

Pros and cons of using Double VPN

The pros of Double VPN

Boost Anonymity

By directing traffic through a sequence of servers, a double VPN bypasses geographic restrictions and conceals your location. This intricate routing obscures your originating location.

Enhance IP masking

With double VPN on, the second server conceals the IP of the first server, while the first server veils your actual IP address. This method complicates the tracking of your traffic source, enhancing privacy.

Amplify Security

Each step your data takes from one server to the next strengthens your communication security, complicating potential data interception. It blinds your ISP and is an excellent choice for demanding network security situations.

Extra Protocols

You can elevate your security even more by combining the TCP and UDP versions of the OpenVPN tunneling protocol.

The cons of Double VPN

Double VPN wasn't designed to be a default usage feature, which explains why many providers have not considered its implementation. For instance, for activities like secure torrenting or unblocking a streaming platform such as Netflix, single-hop VPN suffices. However, if you opt for Double VPN, do keep in mind its potential disadvantages:

Slower Speeds

This is the biggest downside of using a Double VPN. Given that your data navigates through two servers, the transmission journey lengthens, which can consequently impact data transfer speeds. Hence, for high-quality streaming (like 4K movies) or speedy downloads of large files, we recommend to keep the Double VPN option deactivated.

Further slowing down Tor speed

Simply put, using Tor means that messages must go through three or more widely distributed servers and be encrypted and decrypted at least three times, which results in slowdowns. Although it is feasible to browse the internet using the Tor browser and a Double VPN simultaneously, the resulting speed could be incredibly slow, akin to a snail's pace.

If you’re seeking more details about what is Tor, check out our previous article.

In sum, a Double VPN provides enhanced privacy and security, but the major downside is the decrease in speed. Of course, if your connection speed is fast to start with, the noticeable slowdown might be minimal.

When do you need a Double VPN?

Now that you're familiar with the pros and cons of a Double VPN, despite the longer routing involved with Double VPN, it's essential to highlight that Double VPN's safety matches that of your regular VPN. Plus, there are some specific situations where this feature can be particularly beneficial:

Evasion of surveillance

Some governments monitor citizen activity. Double VPN assists in preventing traffic exposure to third parties, keeping visits to restricted sites or content downloads discreet.

Journalism and activism

Those involved in sensitive issues or political actions could benefit from enhanced online protection for themselves. Double VPN offers added security, privacy, and access to constrained web resources.

How to set up double vpn on X-VPN?

Overall, Double VPN is a powerful feature that provides additional security and privacy for a specific group of users with certain needs. At present, X-VPN has launched Double VPN on the mobile devices (iOS, Android, Huawei, Samsung) for your use. The operation process is quite simple. Please see the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download X-VPN and launch the app.
  2. Click on Advanced Features in the app.
  3. Next, click Double VPN button.
  4. Click Okay on the Notice and you have turned on the Double VPN.

If you require this feature, it's also crucial to select a VPN that adheres to a strict privacy policy. In addition, consider standard VPN functions, such as a reliable kill switch. If your VPN connection is interrupted, it could potentially expose your IP address, hence the essential need for a kill switch. X-VPN has implemented kill switch feature across multiple devices spanning mobile platforms, and you can download and use X-VPN on the following platforms, thereby guaranteeing the security of all your devices.

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In summary, double VPN is particularly suitable if you have special requirements. If you live in a country or region with limited internet freedom, or if you are a journalist writing about sensitive topics, then Double VPN might be your best option to remain anonymous. Of course, you can achieve all this by activating the double VPN feature of X-VPN.